Teradata Analyst Pack

As application environments expand to include mixed workloads for both decision support and near-real-time analytic processing, maximizing the performance of your Teradata Database becomes more challenging. Teradata provides the Teradata Analyst Pack to enable you to analyze and tune your database queries for better performance.

Teradata Analyst Pack, in conjunction with other Teradata tools and utilities, enhances your ability to analyze and understand the detailed steps involved in query plans along with the influences of the system configuration, data demographics and secondary index structure. It allows you to take the crucial first step in identifying opportunities to improve Teradata system performance and test your proposed improvements without impacting your production environment.

The Teradata Analyst Pack simplifies your DBA and query planner’s jobs by automating the steps required to analyze and optimize your Teradata Database. It measures the impact of proposed schema, index or query changes on your system so you can be sure that you’re implementing the most optimal changes.

Primary Components

Teradata Visual Explain visually displays the query execution plan generated by the Teradata Optimizer so that query planners and DBAs can immediately see where improvements can be made and can rewrite certain query sections for analysis. It allows you to visually compare two execution plans to determine if a proposed change will have the desired effect. In addition, it can help application developers and DBAs fine-tune the SQL statements to ensure the Teradata Database accesses data efficiently.

Teradata Index Wizard automates the process of picking secondary indexes for a given database and workload — a natural grouping of queries — to maximize system performance. Index Wizard evaluates secondary index selection candidates and recommends the optimal indexes. It also analyzes use of current secondary indexes to identify whether they are being used effectively. Index recommendations can be analyzed on a test system and validated on the production system to reduce implementation costs.

Teradata System Emulation Tool allows you to quickly project a production environment by emulating a larger production system in a smaller test or development environment, reducing the cost of query plan analysis and overall development efforts. It also allows you to model the impact of schema changes by analyzing graphical comparisons of query plan reports showing information such as DDL, statistics, indices and random AMP samples.

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