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Get a GRIP on your Agency’s Financial Data

Know Your Financial Data First—Before it Goes Public

Someone outside your agency is looking at your financial data right now. Whether it’s the growing sophisticated general public, auditors, or oversight agencies, someone is accessing your data to gain insights into your spending—and they’re often doing it before you have a full understanding of how your budget is being spent.

Everyone wants to know what Government agencies are doing with the billions of taxpayer dollars entrusted to them each year, particularly auditors, inspectors general, and lawmakers. The challenge is that untangling the flow of government dollars from appropriation, to award, to spend can be complex—making it difficult for CFOs to quickly and accurately report to stakeholders, or get ahead of data before it goes public.

Teradata simplifies the complexities of government financial data with multi-genre analytics that transform rows of structured and unstructured data into a transparent, telling financial picture—allowing you to gain control of data accuracy, its availability, and accountability.


Start with a 6-Week Customized GRIP Demo

The Teradata Government Rapid Insights Program (GRIP) is designed to illustrate how your current program, operational, and financial data can be mined for immediate financial insights. It will:

  • Demonstrate live applications that prepare data for analysis
  • Extract value from text fields and other unstructured data sources
  • Provide grants portfolio management
  • Enable data discovery
  • Operationalize insights from data via predictive analytics


Request a GRIP Demo

If you’re ready to solve a real financial data problem your agency is currently facing, Teradata will design a custom proof-of-value engagement using your own financial data.

The engagement will last no more than six weeks, and is designed to show you financial data insights and opportunities you might otherwise be missing—including those that can save you money. We’ll then provide a 2-hour post-engagement workshop to discuss results, and help you discover the value this could bring to your organization if it were operationalized.

The DATA Act

For those affected, the Teradata Government Rapid Insights Program can help agencies meet some compliance expectations of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act). The DATA Act legislation requires federal agencies to report all expenditures—grants, loans, and contracts—in order to provide American citizens and policy makers better visibility into federal spending, and establishes data standards and sharing protocols that help agencies exploit the benefits of data mining and analytics.

The Road to Financial Transparency

A Strategic Approach to Agile Financial Reporting and Analytics.


The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act): From Obligation to Opportunity.

Data Driven Innovation

Boeing: Data-driven Innovation to Power the Best Integrated Aerospace Company in the World.

Financial Transformation

Teradata’s data and analytics solutions streamline core accounting and reporting processes.

Government Solutions

Teradata helps government organizations leverage all their data to know more about their citizens, drive deeper insights and make better decisions.

Request a GRIP Demo

Teradata will design a custom proof-of-value engagement using your own financial data.