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Data Science and Psycholinguistics for Profiling Documents of Interest

Analyzing Documents to Identify Threats to Public Safety

Documents and social media chatter are big data too! Government agencies that tap into text with analytics and psycholinguistics can move beyond historic charts and reports and better identify potential and emerging threats. With Teradata’s big data and analytics solutions you can collect, unify, and analyze text to identify potential or emerging threats to public safety.


6-Week Psycholinguistics Demo Program

Get a GRIP on Text Data

The Teradata Government Rapid Insights Program (GRIP) is designed to show you how your current document and text data can be mined for immediate insights. We can demonstrate live applications that uncover bad actors in social media, and compliance issues in email exchanges.

If you’re prepared to share one of your text data sources right now, along with a real problem you’re faced with, with this program we’ll design a custom demo around your data to identify opportunities and insights you might be missing. We will design an engagement of up to six weeks, to demonstrate our approach to your problem. Then we’ll run a 2-hour workshop to discuss results, and help you discover the value this could bring to your organization.


Teradata Partnerships with Nuix and Receptiviti

ContentAnalyticsInsiderThreatsCyberSecurityTrafficking& BorderSecurityCommunicationsCompliance!FinancialForensicsInformationRisk MgmtAnalyzeAll Data, Text,Documents,Emails, etc.!ContentAnalyticsInsiderThreatsCyberSecurityTrafficking& BorderSecurityCommunicationsComplianceFinancialForensicsInformationRisk MgmtAnalyzeAll Data, Text,Documents,Emails, etc.
Extract Insight from Text
Analyze Communication Networks & Influences
  • Teradata Aster has the tools to “ingest” document big data, regardless of format type
  • Narrows down the flood of text data by classifying it, and helping you manage only those “conversations (or documents)” that matter most to your customers
  • Develops insights on the topics of interest as well as the networks of people/accounts

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Search & Index Documents
Parse Complex File Types

Nuix expands access to all agency data by converting text and metadata into searchable content:

  • Performs higher order analytics to group related documents, find relationships between people, objects, locations and events, and score items based on risk
  • Supports workflow by investigators, attorneys, cyber security analysts, intelligence officers, and information governance professionals

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Understand Author Psychology, Motivation and Emotions

Receptiviti incorporates analysis of emotional intelligence, psychology, and thinking style in language used in conversations, testimonies, tweets, email, instant messaging, chat, and voice to reveal insights on:

  • Authenticity: how genuine or deceptive they are
  • Relationship quality and strength between two or more people, rapport between sales and customers, team dynamics, and more.

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Case Studies