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Consumer Driven Forecasting & Fulfillment

Increase Revenue and Turns by Accurately Predicting and Fulfilling Consumer Demand

Industry research shows that consumers’ #1 priority is having products in stock when and where the consumer wants to purchase. Yet retail stock outs average 8% on non-promoted items and 15% on promoted items.

The primary root cause of stock outs in most companies is the fact they underestimate the value of a granular, accurate consumer demand forecast at the store, SKU, and day level. Legacy and other industry solutions lack scale and precision to operate at this granular level, resulting in higher forecast error, misalignment of inventory with consumer demand, and significant overstocks and out of stocks at the same time. This is even more pronounced with dated product like perishables and apparel categories.

But you can choose to be better with Teradata’s Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment Solution. It utilizes consumer demand, big data and analytics to:


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Solution Benefits

  • Increased in stock when and where a customer wants to purchase them
  • Reduced stock outs and increased sales
  • Increased inventory turns and reduced days of supply
  • Less waste and fewer markdowns
  • Improved trading partner collaboration
  • Multi-million dollar returns exceeding 5X-10X investment


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Solution Components



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Related Products and Solutions

  • Our Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment and Customer Journey solutions complement one another. Teradata’s “Customer Journey” enables companies to better understand the needs of the customers’ at all stages in the purchase decision and how to best market to them through these stages, while our Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment Solution ensures that companies have the right products in stock, when and where their customers want to purchase.


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Our Customers


Teradata is the leading provider of the most accurate store-sku Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment Solutions. Our customers include some of the world's leading retailers and brands in the department store, home improvement, grocery, specialty fashion, mass merchandise, and specialty hard line businesses.

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