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Demand Chain Fulfillment

Align Inventory Investment with Consumer Demand

The Demand Chain Fulfillment application within our Demand Chain Management suite transforms demand forecasts into industry leading multi-echelon, time phased automated replenishment orders and allocations. This Fulfillment application enables companies to right size inventory and safety stocks across the business, reducing the occurrences of stock outs and lost sales, while increasing inventory and people productivity.


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Fulfillment Key Capabilities

  • Multi-echelon replenishment (up to 5 levels including vendor, DC, fulfillment center, store)
  • Multi-echelon planning of inventory, orders, receipts
  • Combined replenishment and allocation for seasonal, fashion, and constrained supply
  • Point in time (next order) and time phased projections (28 days to 65 weeks of orders) to support the supply network
  • Item popularity drives service level targets
  • Simulation capabilities for planning purposes including services levels, time phased supply, minumums, maximums, and lead times
  • Trading partner collaboration


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Fulfillment Benefits

  • Properly align inventory with consumer demand with an automated, highly scalable (store/sku/day) solution.
  • Reduced inventory and stock outs
  • Fewer markdowns and less waste
  • Highly automated – across all of the capabilities referenced above improving user productivity
  • Out of the box parameters based upon industry best practices as well as ability for users to easily manage parameters at any intersection of the merchandise and location hierarchy

Demand Chain Management Suite

Delivering Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment

Analytics Application

Understand Performance and Manage Exceptions

Forecasting Application

Accurately Predict Consumer Demand