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Demand Forecasting

Accurately Predict SKU-Location Consumer Demand

The Demand Forecasting application within our Demand Chain Management suite utilizes consumer demand, big data and analytics to deliver the world’s most accurate SKU-Location consumer demand forecast, over multiple time horizons from day to 65 weeks in the future. The ability to deliver this high level of accuracy allows the business to improve the flow of goods to all locations, maximizing sales and inventory productivity. Teradata has proven SKU-location and aggregate forecast accuracy dominance in numerous head-to-head comparisons across many leading companies and product types. The DCM Forecasting application excels because it automatically identifies and adjusts to the specific product needs, whether they be regular everyday items, promotions, highly seasonal, slow moving, short life cycle, or new product introductions to generate accurate weekly and daily forecast results.


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Forecasting Key Capabilities

  • Multiple forecasting methods and algorithms with best fit logic to address the needs of all products across the business, including – basics, seasonal, fresh, short life
  • Sales Velocity – slow movers to fast movers with automated slow moving detection and best fit selection
  • Regular and promotional demand
  • All phases of the product lifecycle – from new item introduction through end of life clearance
  • Short term (daily and weekly) to long term (65 weeks) forecasting
  • Extreme scale to provide demand forecasts at SKU-location level for all active SKU’s
  • New item attribute based linking to quick start forecasting
  • Omnichannel support


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Forecasting Benefits

  • Improved forecast accuracy at (store/sku/day) reduces unnecessary inventory and stock outs.
  • Reduced markdowns and waste
  • Out of the box parameters based upon industry best practices improves user productivity and enables small teams to manage large assortments
  • Manage parameters and policies at any level of the product and location hierarchy
  • Option to augment existing legacy replenishment solutions with DCM forecasts – extending the life of those solutions

Demand Chain Management Suite

Delivering Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment

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