Cyber Security Analytics

Teradata helps organizations leverage all their data to gain powerful, predictive insights to end cyber intrusions

Beyond Big Data to Data-Driven Insights for Cyber Security

Big data and analytics are some of the most effective defenses against cyber intrusions. Better, faster, actionable security information reduces the critical time from detection to remediation, enabling cyber warfare specialists to proactively defend and protect your network. Teradata delivers a single, authoritative ecosystem integrating information security, cyber security, network operations data, analytics and reporting.

In Cyber Defense, More Isn’t Always Better

Adversaries, or hackers, continue to develop powerful offensives to thwart what used to be considered highly effective cyber defenses. With the resources available to hackers today, they can move around a defense-in-depth strategy to breach data systems—much to the surprise of today’s cyber security professionals. A common response to evolving attacks is to either add more security tools or increase the sensitivity of the security tools already in place—or both. Unfortunately, as cyber attacks worsen and businesses respond with greater force, existing staff resources are taxed, yielding less effective security results. In effect, it’s a catch-22.

 The Catch-22 In Cyber Defense: More Isn’t Always Better 

Evolving Cyber Threats Demand a New Generation of Cyber Tactics

Today’s hackers have evolved from hobbyists to professionals. They are well trained and well-funded, and run the gamut from social activists and state-sponsored operators to criminal syndicate members. As a result, cybercrime is on the rise, costing $118 billion in business losses annually—and climbing. Security professionals used to be confident they could lock down and secure their networks to prevent cyber incursions. Now, the mindset is that cyber attacks are inevitable. And the burden is on IT security teams to figure out how to detect and remediate an attack before data is compromised.

 Cyber Security: New Threats, New Tactics 

The Power of Packet Data: Getting to the Ground Truth

Historically, network security appliances would process live packet data, but not store it because it was simply too computationally and data intensive. Today, with technological improvements in managing and analyzing large volumes of data, it’s not only possible to ingest, store and analyze machine generated network packet data—it can be processed in near-real time, and forensically. The result allows for a first-hand account of what occurred, as if you had observed the session in person. In the military, this first-person observation of how a battle is progressing is known as the ground truth. In the war against cyber intrusions, we need ground truth intelligence to direct and optimize our defenses. Designed with speed and scale in mind, intelligent and selective data extraction captures the optimal amount of data, with query responses and full-packet drill-down requests measured in seconds…providing answers at the speed of thought.

 Big Data Analytics: A New Way Forward For Optimizing Cyber Defense

Big Data Analytics in Cyber Defense

How do today’s cyber security professionals take advantage of deep analytics on integrated data? With tools and techniques that now exist to handle the volume and complexity of today’s cyber-attacks, enabling enterprises to stay ahead of evolving threats. Big data and deep analytics provide high-speed, automated analysis for bringing network activity into clear focus to detect and stop threats, and shorten the time to remediation when attacks occur.

  Cyber Security eBook: Big Data Integration and Analytics for Cyber Security

Teradata Aster AppCenter for Security

The Teradata Aster® AppCenter (AppCenter) for Security is a web-based solution with a simple point and click interface for building, deploying, sharing and consuming interactive big data apps. The AppCenter allows data scientists, business analysts and SQL users to embed their SQL-MapReduce™ and SQL-GR® scripts, prebuilt functions or analytic code into an app that can be parameterized and run repetitively, thus simplifying and accelerating the app building, configuring, running and sharing experience. AppCenter also allows non-SQL business users to directly access and modify allowed parameters for reuse. Learn more about what the Teradata Aster AppCenter can do to help you build a stronger, more secure cyber defense network.

Teradata AsterAppCenter Enables Self-Service Big Data Analytics and Discovery for the Entire Enterprise

Cyber Security Defense Knows No Boundaries

Cyber security concerns affect organizations across virtually all industries, including retail, financial, communications and transportation. State, local and federal government agencies are no exception. Find out how government agencies are using Teradata and data-driven cyber security strategies to protect sensitive information on citizens and public interest programs by visiting