Communications Compliance Analytic Solution

Communications Compliance Analytic Solution

Simplify Communications Compliance

The potential for abuse, insider trading, employee harassment and violations via communications has increased substantially with the explosion of communication channels, volume and complexity.

To further complicate the problem, the legal system is increasingly looking to email and other digital communication logs and holding companies responsible for inappropriate behaviors.

Failure to comply can result in legal penalties, increase in risk reserve and hefty fines. However, existing labor-intensive compliance processes and technology solutions cannot keep up with the increasing volume and variety of structured and unstructured data shared across channels and access points such as mobile and web.

The Communications Compliance Analytic Solution provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring digital communications across an enterprise to detect suspect material. The solution can be quickly deployed with minimal time investment, fastest time to value and inclusion of the full spectrum of communications data ranging from bulk loading raw data, advanced analytics to visualization.


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Business Benefits

Simplify Compliance with Faster Screening, Searching and Message Retrieval

  • Automated process to screen messages and the attachments against your compliance rules
  • Rapid search and retrieval of messages

Sophisticated compliance rules with our Advanced Analytics solution

  • Reduce manual screening to just the vital few messages that are truly suspicious
  • Dramatic reduction in false positives and analyst fatigue

Self-service communications compliance

  • Business user friendly apps that are easily configurable and operationalized from Teradata Aster AppCenter
  • Interface that allows business user to simplify rule set, visualization, security, management and access

Communications Compliance Workflow

Communications Compliance Workflow


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