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Analytic Agility without Anarchy

Borderless Analytics: Simplified, Coordinated Data Management and Unfettered User Access

Learn about Borderless Analytics: Features, IT Benefits, and Products.

Borderless Analytics is the next generation of automated, seamless, and transparent orchestration of analytical ecosystems. It makes the analytical ecosystem operate as one environment for users and administrators, delivering a true hybrid cloud analytic environment.

Teradata Borderless Analytics helps companies:

  • Seamlessly leverage multiple data stores and analytic engines to provide integrated business insight
  • Simplify management of a multi-system, multi-technology environment
  • Embrace cloud computing as an extension of their on-premises systems to enable new use cases


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  • DBAs and System Administrators manage their data warehouse systems as one - loading data and maintaining the systems with little to no additional effort, while meeting user requirements and SLAs
  • Goodbye to the complexity, time and effort of integrating data from multiple platforms into a multi-system ecosystem
  • Rule based routing, and automatic re-routing during outages, to ensure well managed and uninterrupted business analytics
  • Business users continue to run queries with their favorite BI, Visualization, and dashboard tools with no change to their processes
  • Power users have increased control of how and where their analytics run


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IT Benefits

  • Automated query routing and retry to minimize user impact of outages and maximize resource utilization
  • Automatically move workload to ensure critical SLA’s are met
  • Push-button system initialization to easily copy data from one Teradata system to another
  • “Define and forget” heterogeneous connections to ease IT burden
  • Minimize data movement while maximizing data integration within analytic processes


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Orchestrated and Coordinate Your Analytic Environment: Teradata Unity

Teradata Unity transparently routes queries across multiple Teradata systems to ensure high availability, load balancing, and platform optimization for critical workloads. Coordinate and replicate data loads to ensure necessary data is on whatever system required, without constant IT involvement, all of which is integrated with the query management to ensure users are getting the most current data available.

Extend Analytics from a Single Platform across Your Ecosystem: QueryGrid™

Get a high level of optimization and integration of data from several sources such as Teradata, Hadoop, and Presto connected platforms with Teradata QueryGrid.  QueryGrid will also provide centralized monitoring, security, and administration all tied into the Teradata Viewpoint management environment.

A Spectrum of Choice on Where to Run Teradata Database: Hybrid Cloud

Teradata has enabled the database to run on a spectrum of choice, from “on-prem” physical hardware within your data center, to a private cloud hosted and managed by Teradata, or to the public cloud offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google.  Regardless where it runs, it is the same Teradata database with all the analytic capability and ease of data management you have come to expect from Teradata.