White Paper

IDC White Paper: Data Warehouses Ascend to the Cloud, by Dan Vesset

Should the data warehouse be deployed on the cloud?
IDC addresses this question on a regular basis. As adoption of cloud software increases, organizations of all sizes across industries and geographic regions are evaluating and assessing the opportunities and challenges of deploying software on the cloud. Data warehousing solutions are no exception to this trend. However, the question of whether to deploy any given data warehouse on the cloud masks two related questions:

  • Does a data warehouse still matter?
  • What type of cloud deployment should be used for data warehousing?

Does a Data Warehouse Still Matter?
Data warehouses have been in use since the mid to late 1970s. Substantial investments have since been made in technology and labor to develop, deploy, manage, and maintain data warehouses of various sizes. IDC research indicates that, during the past quarter century, about $100 billion in aggregate has been invested in data warehouse software alone. Should these investments continue? Have they added value, and do they continue to do so? These are critical questions that today's IT and business decision makers must consider.