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Quality, Service, Value: Whole Foods Talks About Move to Cloud for Analytics

Whole Foods Market, “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store”, has A LOT of data to analyze. With millions of customers, over 85,000 employees, and more than 450 stores, Whole Foods Market insists on quality, service and value for everything they do, and every part of their supply chain. A company with a data challenge—and a culture—like that needs nothing less than the best – which is why their decision to move to a cloud-based analytic ecosystem is a model.

Join in an exciting, free-flowing conversation between Richard Beaver and Ken Casey (both at Whole Foods Market) with Doug Henschen (Constellation Research) as they discuss the journey from Whole Foods’ on-premises system to Teradata IntelliCloud. 

Hear Whole Foods describe their experience and come away with practical knowledge:

• Why they wanted the cloud for analytics
• What they considered in their selection process
• How the data and application migration transpired
• What they recommend to others considering the cloud