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O2 Czech Republic a.s. - Too Big or Not Too Big: Telco Data Science in Real Life

O2 Czech Republic a.s. is the biggest telecommunication company in the Czech market. Since 2012, they have been on a journey to attain data monetization through data science and advanced big data analytics. This session will address a simple question often asked: how do you do it? O2 will present several of their data-driven cases, including internal projects, such as Next Best Offer, anti-churn or warranty claim analyses, through targeting support of O2's media agency, to external monetization cases such as outdoor advertising measurements and planning, population mobility analyses for municipal authorities, and credit scoring. The session will also introduce the structure of O2's data science team, as well as their use of Teradata Aster® Analytics and Hadoop and their reliance on one another to deliver advanced analytics.