Web Cast

Emerging Design Patterns for Data Management

Organizations that seek to be data-driven are experiencing considerable change of late, because data itself, the management of data, and the ways businesses leverage data are all evolving at accelerated rates. These changes sound like problems, but they are actually opportunities for organizations that can embrace new big data, implement new design patterns and platforms for data, scale to greater volumes and processing loads, and react accordingly via analytics for organizational advantage.

The “data-driven design pattern” is key to success with evolving data. After all, big data and other new data sources demands new ways to capture, store, model, process, and repurpose data. This webinar will discuss new and emerging data-driven design patterns used for advanced analytics, data exploration and discovery, big data, multi-structured data, and a variety of data management scenarios.

The webinar is based on a new TDWI Checklist Report titled “Emerging Design Patterns for Data Management.” That report was sponsored by firms Cloudera and Teradata. TDWI’s Philip Russom will moderate a panel of representatives from the sponsoring firms.