Web Cast

Data Pipelines Made Simpler: Data Ingestion and management with Kylo

Capturing and processing big data isn't easy. That's why open-source software like Apache Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, and NiFi that scale, process, and manage immense data volumes are so popular. While powerful, the drawback to these tools is that they do not allow business users to access, optimize, and analyze big data like some other enterprise-friendly tools.

This webcast will introduce Kylo, an open-source data lake platform based on Apache Spark and NiFi. Kylo automates many of the tasks associated with data lakes, such as data ingest, preparation, discovery, profiling, and management.

Already in use at a number of global enterprises, Kylo integrates on-premise, cloud, and hybrid platforms with an engineering and data science control framework. By simplifying ingestion and pipeline control, Kylo accelerates time-to-value, often from weeks and months to hours and sometimes minutes. Using Kylo, enterprises can empower business analysts, data scientists and others to perform analytics on the data lake.

After this webcast, you'll be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the three phases of building a foundation for enterprise analytics using open source
  • Examine options to encourage "data democratization" including Kylo, Apache Spark and NiFi and how they all work together in a data lake environment.
  • Learn more about the newly emerging discipline of Analytics Ops and how it enables the continuous delivery of analytics results