Web Cast

Automation is Possible for IT Departments of all Sizes

With numerous mainframe and independent data systems in place, the State of Missouri Department of Revenue struggled to answer questions relative to its motor vehicle and driver’s license data. To make the data available and more accessible for decision-making, IT launched a new initiative to design, develop, deploy and integrate this data into the existing Department of Revenue enterprise data warehouse structure. This time using a new approach – data warehouse automation. Hear from Ray Shell, IT Specialist I for the State of Missouri, the lessons learned during the implementation, and how the data warehouse and data warehouse automation has helped the organization to speed up both the depth of information it can provide its business users, as well as the delivery time of its answers.

Attend this 45-minute webcast and participate in an interactive Q & A with Ray; Jack Howard, global principal architect for WhereScape; and Judd Watts for Teradata discussing the role data warehouse automation can play in increasing the availability of data for decision-support within governmental agencies.