Analyst Report

A Great Use of the Cloud

Recent trends in information management see companies shifting their focus to, or entertaining a notion for the first time of a cloud-based solution. In the past, the only clear choice for most organizations has been on-premises data—oftentimes using an appliance-based platform. However, the costs of scale are gnawing away at the notion that this remains the best approach for all or some of a company’s analytical needs. This paper, written by McKnight Consulting analysts William McKnight and Jake Dolezal, describes two organizations with mature enterprise data warehouse capabilities, that have pivoted components of their architecture to accommodate the cloud.

Factors Driving Data Projects to The Cloud

  1. The business case to scale up additional appliances to expand storage, analytical workload capacity, or disaster recovery is sometimes difficult to sell
  2. Significant amounts of important data are being sourced from the cloud
  3. Many organizations are simply overwhelmed by the data volumes and business needs and appetite for more and more information