Teradata Vantage, the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence

Cut through the complexity and partial answers of traditional analytics with the only platform designed for Pervasive Data Intelligence.

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Analytic Tools

Vantage provides integration with our key partners in open source to provide a cohesive user experience. Analytic tools are integrated through connectors and APIs that allow the tool to talk directly to the analytics platform and integrate analytic functions into the workflow. 

Analytic Languages

Analytic languages are supported either through client packages or embedded processes in Vantage.

Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata offers a broader analytical ecosystem with connectivity to external data sources and engines through Teradata QueryGrid, which is included as part of Teradata IntelliSphere.
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STC underwent a digital transformation to support its “customer-first vision.” Catering to eight different customer segments, STC used an analytical platform to serve each segment as one team. 

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With the help of Teradata, Verizon relies on advanced analytics to optimize marketing offers while ensuring they have the finance rigor to keep Verizon number one in the US mobile market.

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Teradata has enabled NCR to become a more data driven organization to provide their customers the insight to the data that they need to make their businesses successful.


Teradata partners with leading powerhouses to help our customers outpace competitors. Working with experts—software, technology, integration services—who complement our portfolio of products, services, and solutions gives us the flexibility required to deliver end-to-end analytic solutions for your toughest business problems. To learn more, view our complete list of Teradata partners.

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