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An all-in-one toolbox for business analysts.

As the volume and complexity of enterprise data grows, analysts need simpler ways to drive robust, intelligent analytics across the business.

That’s the power of Vantage Analyst: a single easy-to-use tool for self-service data loading, discovery, machine learning, and advanced analytics—all without coding.

Vantage. Extreme performance at hyperscale.

Teradata Vantage is a powerful, modern analytics cloud platform that unifies everything—data lakes, data warehouses, analytics and new data sources and data types. Leading the way with hybrid cloud environments and priced for flexibility, Vantage delivers unlimited intelligence to build the future of your business.

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Take a self-paced tour of key Vantage Analyst features. Examine how an analyst at a heavy equipment manufacturer can use Vantage Analyst to find insights into root causes of a sudden increase in equipment failures.

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