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teradata sql engine

Teradata Analytics Platform utilizes the Teradata SQL Engine, which offers a wide range of embedded analytic functions, enabling descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics utilizing integrated data. It is a powerful engine that allows implementation of complex analytics and analytic algorithms without exposing its complexity, through a simple and intuitive SQL language that are widely used and compatible with your favorite analytics tools.

Teradata Database, designed for parallelism, is the core of the Teradata SQL Engine. Its patented massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture allows complex analytics workloads to be broken down and distributed to multiple, parallel processes that perform as efficiently as possible. This provides the foundation for Teradata system’s linear scalability, which can start small and scale to an enterprise-level mission-critical analytics system.

machine learning engine Teradata Analytics Platform includes a machine learning engine that allows data scientists to write powerful and highly expressive machine learning functions. Teradata also provides over 180 prebuilt analytic functions to transform, prepare, analyze, and visualize multi-structured data to address a wide number of business use cases, such as customer churn, path to purchase, marketing attribution, product affinity, fraud, marketing optimization, and more. For more information on machine learning engine, access our Data Science Community.
graph engine Teradata Analytics Platform provides native graph processing engine for graph analysis that identifies and measures relationships between people, products, and processes. In addition, Teradata provides prebuilt graph analytic functions to make it easy to solve complex business problems, such as social network/influencer analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, network analysis and threat detection, and money laundering. For more information on graph engine, access our Data Science Community.
analytic tools and languages Teradata Analytics Platform supports R, Python, Teradata Studio, Jupyter, RStudio, and any SQL-based tool. It enhances the user experience by supporting their preferred analytic tools and languages, while addressing the needs of a broad user group—from data scientists and engineers to business users—reducing the learning curve across the analytic community.

Our set of APIs and connectors enables these various languages and tools to connect seamlessly to the Teradata Analytics Platform. Each tool is supported through plug-ins, extensions, and connectors.
data store Teradata Analytics Platform accesses a data store where consolidated data persists as a single view of business. That means you can make smarter decisions faster and less expensively, while getting answers to questions that previously went unanswered. 

Teradata Analytics Platform utilizes Teradata Database as its data store.  It allows storing of relational tables with a row, column, or hybrid physical layout, maximizing flexibility in your data storage strategy. No matter the orientation, it automatically distributes evenly among processors ensuring fast access to the data. Furthermore, it can store multi-structured data such as JSON, BSON, XML, CSV, and AVRO natively as well as advanced data format such as geospatial, time series, and temporal.    
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