Monsanto looked to the cloud to help farmers with disaster recovery, finance, and analytics for scientific research—leveraging that data to increase yield and offer more sustainable opportunities. 

Database platform architect
Troy Crites

“America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” insists on quality, service, and value for everything they do; that’s why they decided to move to a cloud-based analytic ecosystem to handle the massive volumes of data they need to analyze.

Global senior director enterprise information management
Richard Beaver

Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment integrated data from diverse businesses and took advantage of IntelliCloud, leading to a digital transformation that turned analytics into dollars.

VP of Data and Analytics 
Dustin Spangler

To meet the corporate objective of eliminating on-premises data centers, Ticketmaster put everything in the cloud including production, development, and disaster recovery.

Director of Database Solutions 
Shawn Moon

The costs of scale allow organizations with mature enterprise data warehouse capabilities to pivot components of their architecture to accommodate the cloud.

Director of business intelligence and infrastructure
Brian Tournier
Teradata IntelliCloud™ Management Console

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides Teradata customers with self-service control to easily view status of all IntelliCloud systems, monitor and elastically scale resources, open and manage support tickets, and much more.

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