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Think Big Dashboard Engine Powers Fast Access to Hadoop

April 13, 2015 | SAN DIEGO

Dashboard Engine for Hadoop makes business intelligence reporting available for data lakes

To bring fast, enterprise reporting capability to Hadoop, Think Big, a Teradata (NYSE: TDC) company, today introduced the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop. With the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop, it is now possible for organizations to quickly access and report on big data in Hadoop-based data lakes to make agile business decisions.

“There are endless streams of data from web browsers, set top boxes, and contact centers that often land in Hadoop, but sometimes don’t make their way into downstream analytics,” said Ron Bodkin, president, Think Big, a Teradata company. “For the first time, the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop offers organizations the ability to get summarized Hadoop data in under a second, without having to go through transformation and modeling processes.”

Dashboards and online analytic processing (OLAP) rollup summaries have been around for decades in the business intelligence market. But until now, no one has delivered OLAP summary analysis from multi-structured big data at scale. As a complementary technology to the analytic ecosystem, Hadoop helps address big data needs, and the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop accelerates reporting from data lakes. It distils terabytes of data per hour into billions of aggregates, which can then be queried by business users in under a second when the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop is coupled with a business intelligence visualization tool such as Tableau. The combination allows a user to report on big data in Hadoop that don’t reside in the data warehouse, and this can be done at scale, with very few limitations.

“Teradata shares Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand data,” said Dan Jewett, vice president, Product Management at Tableau. “We’re excited that Teradata and ThinkBig are helping customers with the combination of Tableau and their Dashboard Engine offering.”

The Dashboard Engine for Hadoop offers exceptionally fast ingestion of new data, without requiring that the business users wait for data to be reloaded, or for the refresh of OLAP cube calculations. Most importantly, the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop handles many forms of multi-structured data, such as click stream, mobile phone logs, sensor, and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

To support the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop, Think Big provides installation and expert implementation services to help organizations develop a solution that fits their specific business needs.

The ability to report on real-time event data in Hadoop enables customers to make smarter, data driven-decisions, for example:

  • Hospital groups can use healthcare data to track provider utilization, understand prescription trends, and monitor disease outbreaks
  • Manufacturers are able to monitor sensor data to understand which products, components, configurations, or parts are unreliable and failing over time 
  • Companies offering consumers set-top boxes or other devices are better able to understand consumer trends in real-time
  • Retailers can quickly monitor consumer responses to ads and on-site behavior and react with changes in marketing strategy, including email campaigns, price adjustments, and special offers

“Our clients are seeking ways to better store and analyze the large amount of multi- structured data running through their enterprise,” said Tony Cosentino, vice president and research director, Ventana Research. “Think Big’s Dashboard Engine for Hadoop will help organizations report and analyze event data in seconds without concerns about data volumes. We see this dashboard engine providing a good working solution for a range of big data analytics needs.”

The beta version of the Dashboard Engine for Hadoop is currently available, with general availability targeted for the third quarter.

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