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Teradata and Localz Announce Global Partnership for Location-Based Individualized Marketing

October 13, 2015 | DAYTON, Ohio

Combined solution delivers contextual micro-location experiences to individual consumers via Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Teradata Marketing Applications, a division of Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, and Localz, a micro-location technology firm with presence in Australia, Europe and North America, today announced a new global partnership to provide micro-location experiences and iBeacon tools for enterprise marketers worldwide, via the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.

Businesses in retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality and other “high-touch” industries stand to benefit immediately from the resulting solutions, which use customer interaction and location data to create engaging digital experiences for consumers by delivering personalized content direct to an individual’s mobile device. Contextually relevant messages are sent based on where consumers are in the physical world, drawing on historical and real-time information about their preferences and actions. For example, retailers can connect with customers based on “beacon proximity events” (e.g., an app user is near a store, has just entered the store, or is checking out from that store) and deliver timely, relevant offers straight to their mobile device.
Micro-location technology is rapidly gaining in awareness and adoption among marketers as the $5 billion industry continues to experience tremendous growth. ABI Research, Inc., a technology market intelligence company, expects micro-location to become as standard as GPS and estimates that more than 800 million smart phones will be actively using the technology by 2018. And according to BI Intelligence market research, adoption of iBeacon technology is expected to rise from less than 10% in 2014 to nearly 85% in 2016 among the top 100 U.S. retailers.
The companies’ combined data-driven marketing solution is achieved through integration of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud with Localz’ Spotz micro-location technology platform, which interacts with Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) and Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC). Whether using either or both of these Teradata platforms with Spotz, marketers can generate individualized, location-based messages that draw on rich historical and real-time customer interaction data as part of an integrated, omni-channel program. Plus, the solution “learns” more the more it’s used: Not only can marketers accurately engage individuals on mobile devices based on their location “right now,” but response and location information from such interactions can be used to build a deeper view of the customer experience by connecting consumers’ actions in the physical world with their online interactions. This ensures that all future digital messages sent by the marketer – whether email, mobile, social or web - are likewise timely and highly relevant, as well as integrated with the overall omni-channel marketing program.

“Partnering with Teradata and Localz is a great way for businesses to incorporate the latest micro-location technology into their existing digital marketing environments to create truly relevant individualized communication, and sustainable marketing programs,” said Tim Andrew, commercial director and co-founder, Localz. “We’re extremely excited to be bringing this new dimension to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.”
“To drive growth, marketers today must find innovative ways to use both historical and real-time data to achieve value-based relationships with individual customers. Teradata, with Localz, now makes it easier to increase customer engagement and loyalty with individualized, location-based digital marketing,” said Bob Fair, co-president of Teradata.
These solutions are available now, worldwide. For more information, contact your Teradata Marketing Applications representative.

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Localz was founded by Pete Williams, Melvin Artemas and Tim Andrew in Melbourne, Australia in October 2013 to help enterprise customers take advantage of existing and emerging location technology. The business has grown rapidly through working with major retail, financial services and logistics brands in Australia, Europe and America. After winning John Lewis’ (Europe’s leading omni-channel retailer) JLAB 2014 competition, Localz went on to join the PayPal StartTank program, with the London office now based in the PayPal offices on Tottenham Court Road. Visit
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