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LCL Selects Teradata to Implement Integrated Data Warehouse

April 21, 2015 | PARIS

Prominent French bank turns to big data analytics leader for data aggregation, consolidation and analytics across all business activities

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced that LCL, a retail bank and subsidiary of Groupe Crédit Agricole SA, one of the leading banks in Europe, has selected the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and associated software as the cornerstone of its data warehouse project and the enabler of its migration to big data analytics. This project will help LCL log, analyze and manage an increasing volume of diversified data with the goal of providing top-notch information services to 20,000 internal users. Ultimately, this will help LCL increase satisfaction and improve business relationships with some six million customers.

By selecting Teradata, LCL aims to transform the data aspect of its overall business operations. LCL’s Teradata data warehouse will collect, consolidate and streamline the diverse data profiles available today in multiple data marts, giving birth to a large-scale and complex data consolidation project. The initial stage entrusted to Teradata’s team will focus on data migration from existing systems, including the CRM platform, and will extend to other areas of the business in due course.

Setting up a Data Governance department is another key priority for LCL’s Business Intelligence environment, and this goes hand-in-hand with the smart use of data and resources within the data warehouse.

"We need to precisely understand our customers so that we may predict their requirements. This helps proactively provide services in tune with their expectations and situations, and at the right time," said Lionel Leroy, director, data management and CRM, with LCL.  "Teradata designed a solution that matches all of our requirements, while promoting seamless integration with the existing IT environment, and helping us progress to the next chapter of our big data strategy through the development of our business intelligence tools."

LCL will also benefit from Teradata professional services, and customer support provided by Teradata.

"This project demonstrates the capacity of Teradata to fully support the requirement of a major, demanding and ambitious bank", said Eric Joulié, president, Teradata France, and vice president, Teradata WESEMEA (Western Europe, Southern Europe & Middle East Africa). "We deliver on their needs through the deployment of an Integrated Data Warehouse, which is our core business. But we also provide LCL with a gateway to big data analytics. This will enable LCL to continue to get the most value from diversified data and to differentiate in its target market."

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LCL, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., is one of the largest retail banks in France.  Present throughout the territory in 2,078 locations, LCL is a customer-focused bank and currently has 20,300 employees serving some 6,000,000 retail customers, 330,000 small businesses and 27,000 corporate and institutional customers.  LCL is also made up of LCL Banque Privée (private banking), e.LCL (ebanking) and LCL Banque des Entreprises (commercial banking and corporate finance).  LCL is underpinned by a strategy revolving around development, innovation and the acknowledgment of customers' expectations, in particular with the Contrat de Reconnaissance, the bank's customer loyalty scheme. "Demandez plus à votre banque" (Ask more from your bank), is LCL's advertising slogan.

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