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Teradata Shaping New Era of Data-Driven Business by Helping Companies Truly Know Their Customers

March 11, 2014 | LOS ANGELES, California – Teradata Marketing Summit 2014

Successful ‘Architects of Engagement’ heed the timeless fundamentals of marketing to make the most of data and customer relationships

With all the marketplace chatter around “big data” and “analytics” in recent years, some business leaders today may be tempted to think the game of marketing has drastically changed. Yes, certainly data and digital technology are having an impact. Yet even if one of your customers were to openly share all of the data under the sun about herself, all of that information would still only tell you so much.

This week, at its Marketing Summit 2014 annual conference in Los Angeles, Teradata executives told Marketing and IT professionals representing customers and partners from throughout the world to not be swayed by the technology hype that is spewing through the marketing automation category these days. Teradata (NYSE:TDC), the leading global analytic data platforms, marketing applications and consulting services company, instead reminded companies they should always respect the basics: Know and treat customers, partners and investors well, they’ll trust you and give you their loyalty. Treat them poorly, they’ll tell ten other people to stay away.
When it comes to age-old marketing maxims like “know thy customer” or “always deliver a consistent brand experience,” Teradata wants business leaders to remember one thing: No matter how much data you have nor how much marketing technology you buy, it’s still your company’s human touch -- your brand’s unique “way” of doing business -- that’s going to have the most enduring, most profitable impact.
In his keynote Teradata’s Darryl McDonald, president, Marketing Applications, said, “We can help you handle all of your data securely, give you analytics to make sense of it, deliver applications for you to control your marketing operations and spend, and install campaign management and digital messaging tools that let you engage meaningfully with your constituents in real-time. Yes, Teradata can deliver all these solutions to you anytime, anywhere on the planet through the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.” Yet McDonald also cautioned, “But even today, even with all this valuable data and technology, the only way for companies to win is to provide the ultimate, optimized customer experience. And the only way to do that is to create the personalized brand experiences your customers expect. No matter how much technology evolves, marketing and communications will continue to rely on the human touch.”
Abiding by this has never been more vital than it is today, the disruptive era of “big data,” where, as was the case during the dot-com bubble, too many solution providers are tending to over-promise and over-hype, or at least overstate what their technologies can do.
“Whether they are out there building smarter planets, acquiring customer bases to boost their quarterly numbers, or claiming they’re suddenly experts in marketing because they’ve added some acquisitions to their CRM tools, many integrated marketing vendors are blurring vision and present capabilities of what their applications and services can do,” said Lisa Arthur, CMO, Marketing Applications for Teradata. “So put all their hyperbole aside and remember: While all this ‘digital snake oil’ may sound alluring, good marketing is not brought about by data and technology alone. Good marketing gets to know the customer who is behind all that data. These are real people with real lives, real schedules, real budgets; living, breathing individuals with real-world needs and serious daily responsibilities. The responsibility of marketers today, same as it has always ever been, is to know them, meet their needs, and build long-term relationships that help your business succeed.”
Teradata invited conference attendees to make a commitment to their brand and their stakeholders and become “Architects of Engagement,” and to use today’s powerful data and integrated marketing management solutions wisely, i.e., to inform the authentic “human touch.” Toward this end, Teradata executives introduced five significant new updates to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud portfolio:

Teradata Marketing Studio 9  
Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager  
Teradata Digital Messaging Center
Teradata Partnership With Urban Airship
Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7
For more information about how the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud and data-driven marketing solutions can help your company to know more and do more, visit
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