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Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager 3.2 Now Globally Available

March 11, 2014 | LOS ANGELES, California – Teradata Marketing Summit 2014

Deeper Integration with Celebrus Technologies Means Better Customer Engagement & Faster Time-to-Value for Marketers Worldwide

Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, marketing applications and consulting services company, today announced immediate global availability of Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) version 3.2, as part of a tightly integrated product offering with Celebrus Technologies, providers of tagging-free digital big data software. Now companies can collect digital data from their website, mobile devices, and other online channels, feed it into Teradata’s Real-Time Interaction Manager, and blend this with offline data to drive precision-targeted and contextually relevant offers and messages to their customers in real-time.

The new solution, a core part of Teradata’s Campaign Management capability within the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, features packaged integration with Celebrus Technologies’ Big Data Engine v8.0. This latest offering will enable marketing users to know more about their customers so they can do more to engage them in real-time by:

• Understanding preferences through data created as customers interact across digital channels;
• Making more informed marketing decisions based on that data – leading to faster time-to-value; and,
• Injecting highly personalized offers and messages that drive revenue and strengthen continuous customer engagement.
The value of this approach is echoed in a recent report by Forrester Research, Inc., an industry analyst firm, which said, “Three ingredients make relevant customer experiences: profile data about who the customers are, historical data about what customers have done, and situational data about what’s happening in their lives now.” The report, Advance to Next-Generation Personalization, was authored by Forrester’s Anjali Yakkundi and Ron Rogowski on 13 January 2014.
“Too often marketers struggle to combine valuable customer data from multiple offline sources with contextually rich data from digital channels, so they can drive stronger customer engagement by using ALL their data in real-time,” said Teradata’s Darryl McDonald, president, Marketing Applications. “Marketers no longer need to settle for analysis based on only a few key attributes from a customer’s online experience in data feeds that are real-time. With this powerful integration with Celebrus, we give marketers the best of both worlds: rich online and offline customer insights, and overall faster time-to-value.”
Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager helps companies enhance every customer marketing opportunity through immediate best-offer detection and delivery strategies, thus making it possible for them to:
• Deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction;
• Reduce customer attrition by increasing relevancy;
• Ensure alignment of inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategies; and,
• Increase share-of-wallet with relevant and timely point-of-need offers.
Simon Burton, CEO of Celebrus Technologies, said of the highly integrated offering, “There has been such fantastic interest in the market for these two solutions that it made obvious sense to further deepen our integration with Teradata to make real-time website personalization with Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager even easier. I am proud of the work our respective companies have achieved together, and look forward to enabling our joint customers to drive true omni-channel one-to-one personalization in real-time.”
Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager 3.2 is available globally now, for immediate implementation. For more information visit

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Celebrus Technologies enables organizations to understand individual customer’s interactions with their digital channels to power one-to-one data-driven marketing, real-time personalization and advanced customer analytics. Celebrus' tagging-free digital big data software collects data about individuals’ behaviours across a brand’s websites, mobile apps, social & streaming media and automatically applies business context. It then feeds this streaming, contextualized data into a wide variety of big data technologies in parallel, in real-time or near real-time. For more information, visit
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