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Teradata Loom® Liberates Data in Hadoop

October 9, 2014 | SAN DIEGO, California

Teradata Loom is pre-packaged free with Hortonworks Sandbox and Cloudera QuickStart VM

Teradata Corp.(NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today launched Teradata Loom® 2.3, which is the first and most comprehensive software solution offering data lineage, integrated metadata, and data wrangling on Hadoop. A breakthrough capability, Teradata Loom makes data analysts and data scientists more productive because they can quickly and easily find, understand, and track data in Apache™ Hadoop® to accelerate their big data initiatives.

Teradata Loom is a data management solution with a browser-based interface for working with data and metadata in Hadoop. It provides the needed structure and governance that is essential to successfully leverage big data.
With the rush to deploy Hadoop technology as a data lake repository, organizations can face severe data quality, security, and governance challenges as they ingest vast quantities of data from multiple sources. Raw data from the multiple sources lands in the Hadoop file system and is generally without a schema. Teams struggle to understand where the data is located, the type of data stored, its format, the content, and the best way to start leveraging it. These challenges impede organizations’ success with Hadoop deployments.
“Organizations are in danger of their data lake quickly turning into a non-navigable data swamp,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata Loom offers governance, but more importantly, it accelerates innovation by empowering business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to rapidly access and utilize big data. Instead of taking months, big data analytic projects can now advance in hours.”
To maximize the value of data in Hadoop and provide a robust analytic ecosystem, Teradata Loom is integrated with the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ components: Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop, Teradata Aster Database, and the Teradata Database.
"Teradata Loom makes it even easier for organizations to rely on Hadoop as part of their modern data architecture," said Herb Cunitz, president, Hortonworks®. "The effective management of data within Hadoop offers a solid foundation from which organizations can transform their enterprise with big data. The Hortonworks Sandbox offers the fast path to learning the benefits of Apache Hadoop with Teradata Loom."
"In order to win and retain customers, control costs, and remain ahead of the competition, today's leaders realize their organizations must become information-driven," said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera. "With pre-packaged Cloudera QuickStart VM with Teradata Loom, customers can quickly test and determine the value of data in Hadoop."
Teradata is releasing two versions of Teradata Loom:

Teradata Loom Community Edition
Teradata Loom Community Edition is free, downloadable, and compatible with the major Hadoop distributions: Hortonworks Data Platform and Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop. Support is available from the Hadoop community on the Teradata Developer Exchange.
  • A non-production version of Teradata Loom Community Edition is available as a separate software solution or pre-packaged with Hortonworks Sandbox and Cloudera QuickStart VM. It will be available October 15 and can be downloaded from

  • A free, production version of Teradata Loom Community Edition, with selected features, will be available for download in November 2014.

Teradata Loom
Teradata Loom is a fully featured, fully supported enterprise version. It provides unlimited capacity in terms of the number of data nodes, Teradata Loom data sets, and Teradata Loom data wrangling operations. It will be available as a flexible, subscription-based edition in November 2014.

All editions will be available globally in the English language.

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