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Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud Drives Business Growth for Egypt’s Etisalat Misr

October 20, 2014 | PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO: NASHVILLE, Tennessee and CAIRO, Egypt

Mobile telecommunications leader’s personalized data-driven marketing approach is increasing revenue while delivering unique customer experiences

Etisalat Misr, a leading mobile telecommunications operator in Egypt, is teaming with Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, to grow their customer base, reduce churn and increase marketing ROI.

Etisalat Misr is the Egypt division of telecommunications giant Etisalat, which operates across 19 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Launched in 2007, Etisalat Misr was Egypt’s first 3.5G network operator, and today uses an integrated solution consisting of the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse platform combined with the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud to drive its customer-focused business strategy.
“Standing apart in the telecommunications sector is a challenge. We knew that the key to our long-term success was to become the industry marketing technology leader,” Khalid AlMansouri, CIO “So when we needed an integrated marketing platform to manage our own B2C campaigns and our portfolio of B2B customers who are taking advantage of the growing mobile advertising market, we chose the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.”
Etisalat Misr is leveraging the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud to drive their “New Day, New Idea” campaign. In shaping its digital marketing strategy, Etisalat’s objectives were clear:
  • Use data more effectively for insight-driven marketing.
  • Understand customers more accurately and at a more individual level. 
  • Engage consumers and buyers with relevant, tailored offers based on customer preference. 
  • Build customer segments according to specific attributes such as customer value, behavior (both voice and data) and tenure.
  • Identify relevant upselling opportunities and branding offers for new outlets or products.
  • Create new revenue streams, with a particular focus on the B2B mobile advertising market.

The Solution
Etisalat Misr’s vision focused on creating a centralized marketing solution that provides a holistic view of the customer and an end-to-end view of marketing activities. One particular area of focus was to fully optimize the B2B mobile advertising platform which Etisalat Misr had developed in-house for its business clients. Here, the company will take full advantage of Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, which supports large volumes of data that can be used to build tailored campaigns. These were seamlessly integrated and thus remain a key industry differentiator within the Egypt telecoms market.

Results and Continued Progress
“Today, our marketing department is the main driver of corporate business results,” explains AlMansouri. “Prior to implementing the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, Etisalat Misr’s marketing campaigns contributed to 1.5% of corporate revenue. One year after implementation this figure had increased to 3.5%, and two years later to 7%. Over the three years since implementation, we more than doubled our customer base. Our retention rate also increased over the same period, with churn at just 8% compared to 12% previously.”

With the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud and Etisalat Misr’s current data warehousing capabilities, the company has been able to shift its strategy from mass marketing to a segmented and targeted customer-centric approach, improving response rates and customer satisfaction levels. And with data analytics, the company is able to respond to inbound requests with the right offer at the right time. Campaigns that previously took six months to bring to market now take 15-30 days, and Etisalat Misr is doing 300 percent more of them. Specifically, the company has increased its B2C campaigns to more than 1,000 and improved the outreach 40 percent by using multi-channel personalized marketing.
“Our vision is really to provide the best technology for Egypt while boosting the country economy. Egypt is a hub for the Middle East and North Africa, and the essential connection to Asia. Teradata’s unique combination of integrated data warehousing and marketing applications completely aligned to our own strategy of data-driven marketing as a competitive differentiator in this region,” continues AlMansouri. “By using data and applications to truly personalize our offers, we are making a positive difference in our customer’s day-to-day experience. With Teradata Marketing Applications, we are delivering on the promise inherent in our ‘New Day, New Idea’ campaign. It works because all we are focused on is delivering the best customer experience possible.”
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Etisalat Misr

Etisalat Misr is a subsidiary of Emirati Etisalat Group. It started its operation in Egypt in 2007, and in a very short time, was able to become an important market player. It is leading the Egyptian market with its innovative products and services, and has had major milestones. For more details visit:
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