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Teradata Expands Digital Messaging Solution with Enhanced Capabilities for the Data-Driven Marketer

March 11, 2014 | LOS ANGELES, California – Teradata Marketing Summit 2014

Teradata Digital Messaging Center -- Broad technology integration, new product features and digital marketing support services for multi-channel digital messaging

Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company, today announced a host of new features that expand the scope and functional capabilities of its global Digital Messaging Center solution, a key component of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. Principal among these are the solution’s integration with Teradata’s Campaign Management solution, Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, and a newly released email reporting tool called “Smart Stats,” as well as support services for the digital marketer.

About Teradata Digital Messaging Center
As a leading global email marketing solution for the past 15 years, Teradata’s Digital Messaging Center is now used by multi-channel marketers at more than 1,500 top brands worldwide. Marketers using Digital Messaging Center work in the entertainment, financial services, retail, travel and transportation industries, among others. Digital Messaging Center allows these marketers to know more from their data so they can do more to engage with message recipients through targeted, relevant and personalized digital communications. The Digital Messaging Center platform is supported by an in-house team of email marketing professionals with extensive expertise in platform implementation, email deliverability and multi-channel messaging campaign strategy.
More Integration, More Features
While available as a stand-alone application, in North America Teradata’s Digital Messaging Center is most commonly deployed in an integrated environment with Teradata’s Campaign Management solution. Full integration with Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7, the newest version of the Company’s Campaign Management offering, means all customer data is now actionable in real-time through a single system, and marketers have access to embedded predictive analytics and visual reports. With this combination, Digital Messaging Center users can also easily leverage Teradata’s enterprise data warehouse and analytics capabilities to achieve total awareness of their customers across all channels and points of interaction -- including digital (online) and traditional (offline) channels. Such broad integration is unique in the marketing automation category and allows marketers to create, deliver and analyze multi-channel customer conversations in a single, unified system. Marketers can also benefit from Teradata’s Hadoop-based cloud technology to access non-warehoused data to drive targeted message content.
In addition to the broad integration across Teradata’s many solutions, the company also announced a new email reporting feature in Digital Messaging Center called “Smart Stats.” Smart Stats gives marketers the ability to visualize, analyze and act on a campaign’s performance in real time -- even while the campaign is in progress. Along with Teradata’s new predictive modeling and visual analysis capabilities, Digital Messaging Center provides data-driven marketers a complete picture of how their campaigns are resonating with various targeted segments, yielding better results over the lifetime of each customer.
Support for Digital Marketers
To help data-driven marketers take immediate advantage of the full power of the capabilities now associated with Teradata Digital Messaging Center, several services align with the solution to support the technology. An in-house consulting and implementation team spans all aspects of digital marketing including technology and marketing strategy, creative services and campaign execution, and deliverability monitoring. These services further enable the multi-channel communication strategies required to satisfy consumer demand for one-to-one conversations.
“With Digital Messaging Center, Teradata now delivers a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for data-driven marketers to shape, deploy and measure their communications, and to continuously engage with targeted recipients in relevant ways,” explained Steve Warren, Teradata’s vice president, Digital Messaging Center, Americas. “We can show marketers how to bring all channels together in a single interface and engage their customers far beyond the inbox. This allows marketers to streamline workflows so they can focus more on how messages are performing throughout the lifecycle of a customer, which in turn leads to higher rates of conversion for their campaigns.”
In October 2013, Teradata was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner, Inc. Magic Quadrant for Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) report. According to the report, “Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) represents the marketing strategy, process automation and technologies required to integrate people, processes and technologies across the marketing ecosystem. Leaders in the IMM market have clients that have adopted their solutions as the primary vendor and platform to support all marketing roles and functions. These vendors deliver breadth and depth of integrated marketing functionality. Leaders successfully articulate business propositions that resonate with marketing buyers, particularly CMOs and marketing executives. Emphasis is placed on MPM and process integration across marketing." The report was written by Kimberly Collins, research vice president, and Adam Sarner, research director, CRM, at Gartner, on October 31, 2013.
Both stand-alone and integrated deployments and associated services are available worldwide. For more information, visit the Teradata website.
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