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Teradata Delivers Unmatched Business Analytics for Data Extracted from SAP® Solutions

January 27, 2014 | SAN DIEGO, California

New solution offers analytic alternative, while reducing IT complexity and cost

Available today, Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions offers best-in-class analytics capabilities and unmatched business insight. Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions extracts data from SAP® ERP systems, combines it with operational and big data in a Teradata Database, and performs high value business analytics on the data. The resulting insights can be used to drive smart business decisions throughout the enterprise. Designed by Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions includes software and services that offer high performance capability, at a low cost.

“It makes perfect sense to move data from SAP solutions to Teradata and integrate it with big data and business data. By doing so, customers will enjoy a vastly more performant, simplified, and useful system. They will also be served by a very large professional services organization from Teradata that is focused on – big data analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence,” said Neil Raden, chief executive officer and principal analyst, Hired Brains Research.
Teradata allows application users to easily extract and combine data from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems within the Teradata Database. When data is integrated within the Teradata Database, it can then be exposed to over 1,000 in-database analytic functions, available from Teradata and its partners. The resulting analytics equips SAP application users to meet the unrelenting demand for intelligence.
“The ability to access data from SAP solutions and bring it into the Teradata Database will enable our customers to leverage high-value, predictive analytics and see their entire organization in a new way and guide it forward. They will be able to move from operational reporting to creating a vision for the future,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions can be rapidly deployed and easily maintained; it also reduces IT complexity and cost.”
Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions is ready to run and includes enterprise architecture, ELT scripts, and data models. Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions offers over 150 dashboards and standardized business reports in 17 key categories from financial accounting to human resources. In addition, it is an open solution that empowers users to build their own custom reports, which run directly against all the data within the data warehouse, without dependency on IT.
Some of the benefits of Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions include:

Integrated View – Business users have a full, enterprise view of their business with integrated data in the Teradata Database. This enables analysts to answer complex business questions and improve decisions making accuracy with higher quality detailed data.
Performance –Teradata’s solution enables more timely what-if analysis, scenario modeling, and forecast comparisons, by eliminating multi-hour or multi-day wait times for reporting and analysis.
Rapid Deployment – The out-of-the-box solution provides quicker implementation than traditional business intelligence projects saving between six to nine months of work.
Flexible and Extendable – The open design of Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions allows businesses to add additional data sources to meet the growing requirements of their business analytics. In addition to data, customers can take an incremental approach to implementation of new business modules, which can be added in any order, at any time. Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions is an agnostic business intelligence tool; customers can continue to work with their favorite tools.
Easy to Manage – Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions includes everything the customer needs to extract, process, and analyze data. The solution is easy to maintain with minimal specialist expertise required, and is supported by error handling and a control framework.
Total Cost of Ownership – Rapid implementation, less reliance on IT support, and better performance provide a lower cost of ownership. Costs are kept under control, providing a quicker return on investment.
The Teradata Professional Services Center of Excellence for SAP Solutions provides consulting services that support the deployment of Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions. The experienced consultants understand SAP environments and help customers get the most out of this solution, and ultimately their data.
Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions is currently available worldwide and is compatible with Teradata Database 13.10 and later.
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