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NTT DOCOMO Selects Teradata Platform for Supporting Credit Services Business

March 20, 2014 | TOKYO, Japan

Japan’s largest mobile phone operator trusts Teradata innovation for improving marketing ROI and system security

Teradata (NYSE:TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, with Teradata Japan, Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yukihiko Yoshikawa, President), announced today that Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, NTT DOCOMO, INC. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Kaoru Kato, President & CEO) selected Teradata for a new marketing operations platform in its growing consumer credit services business. The Teradata system will be deployed at end of March, 2014.

NTT DOCOMO started its credit service program using "Osaifu-Keitai,” literally meaning "Wallet Mobile" in 2005 and their unique DCMX™ consumer credit services, NTT DOCOMO's brand and platform for mobile credit cards, and both have grown rapidly to 15 million members today. As its community of users increases, NTT DOCOMO is committed to improving the quality of its marketing operations. As its clients multiplied and data volume surged, NTT DOCOMO marketers faced challenges: they could not quickly access data required for their marketing activities from the existing system without support from the IT team-- and they were held up by as much a week waiting for data transfers from the IT team. Second, marketers experienced complications interpreting and applying complex data from IT, so they have been delayed in adequately and promptly leveraging data in their marketing activities.
NTT DOCOMO selected the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse Appliance with the latest release of the Teradata Database. With the new system in production soon, the marketers themselves will be empowered to access and utilize the data from its marketing management application -- which will be running on the Teradata appliance. By eliminating the need to wait for IT data extraction, the Teradata environment will enable agile marketing operations with incredibly fast, parallel-processing scalability to process massive volumes of data. Marketers can expect to serve and interact with customers with near-real time speed and relevance.
Additionally, NTT DOCOMO will realize economic and network safety benefits: because of the uncomplicated, hands-off solution from Teradata, NTT Docomo will reduce system operational costs and time while also improving their security functions and requirements.
Teradata was selected by NTT DOCOMO for its highly experienced consulting and best practices in data warehousing across the financial and credit card industry in Japan – as well as Teradata expertise in data security functions. This industry expertise is helping this large mobile operator to meet their requirements for audit-level security.
“We are proud to play a role in the evolution of NTT DOCOMO’s credit card business marketing operations, providing quick visibility into data for more insight and value opportunities across conversation points,” said Scott Sobers, Director, Communications Industry Marketing & Strategy. “Looking ahead, our approach is to help our telecommunications customers evolve beyond traditional analytics to the power of next-generation capabilities. Teradata is actively advising and guiding telecommunications customers forward with the innovation to deliver new products and services, and offer cutting-edge customer services.”
All fifteen of the top telecommunications companies across the world trust Teradata for the most advanced data warehousing and analytics platforms and consulting expertise.
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