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Brazil’s National Police Organization Chooses Teradata

February 17, 2014 | BRASILIA, Brazil

"Alerta Brasil" to leverage the power of data to gain insight into the use, safety and security of federal highways

Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, today announced that Departamento de Policia Rodoviária Federal (DPRF) has deployed a new data analytics platform based on a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (ADW), along with the latest Teradata database software and implementation services.

As a priority in the Presidential agenda of Dilma Rousseff, the goal of "Alerta Brasil" is to provide border protection by better monitoring federal highways and managing traffic. The program includes equipping the organization with new cameras and an automated intelligence office which will improve the identification of vehicles and integrate data from many sources (stolen vehicles, arrest orders, and relevant reports). The new ADW system will apply powerful statistical analysis, with data mining and predictive algorithms, to considerably enhance the capabilities in monitoring Brazil’s 61,000 kilometers of highways. This analytic environment represents a leap forward for the protection and safety of the Brazilian people.
Acknowledging the need for much deeper insight, the DPRF recognized the value of data by bringing an ADW state-of-the-art analytics platform to the Intelligence Office at the core of its operations. In addition to achieving the high level goals of "Alerta Brasil," DPRF expects the Teradata solution to increase productivity and safety for the state police officers, and contribute to improvements in drug traffic control and theft activity as well as vehicle traffic management. Specifically, officers will have access to detailed intelligence data so the danger level of a selected method or approach will be better known before the action.
"Teradata is proud to be a part of new, data-driven law enforcement processes around the world that are evolving to extend visibility, manage complexity, and give officials an edge on identifying and correcting public issues," said John Burke, industry vice president, Teradata. "This is another example of using data for the public and social good: information can be made available where and when it is needed most…on the streets – where it can improve the well-being and quality of life for millions of citizens."
Teradata refers to data-driven processes as predictive policing—moving from being a reactive policing process to a proactive process with the aid of data analytics and the resulting insights. With advances in technology, it is now possible to throw significantly more computing power and more sophisticated software at complex data problems.
The use of Teradata and overall project engagement was orchestrated by Maxtera, a local reseller of Teradata who is also leveraging SAS® Fraud Framework for Government and Informatica technology into the overall solution. Specifically, DPRF deployed Informatica Complex Event Processing and Informatica Data Integration technologies to strengthen and modernize federal monitoring and patrolling activities. By monitoring traffic on federal highways and other points of interest in the public administration, Informatica will help DPRF to reduce crime indices, especially those relating to robbery and theft of vehicles, cargo theft, smuggling, embezzlement and trafficking of narcotics and people. From an IT perspective, DPRF selected Informatica to help reduce the time it takes to respond to business requirements and gain operational efficiency.
The customer confirmed that Teradata was selected because the proposed solution fully complied with 100 percent of the technical requirements and was offered with the most competitive pricing. Another important factor was Teradata’s many strong customer references in Brazil – in government and commercial deployment. In addition, Maxtera, an area reseller of Teradata, has demonstrated superior specialized knowledge in implementing intelligent data warehousing solutions.
The first implementation is a pilot project on a limited scale. Following the successful rollout, in the coming months more highways will be added to the scope. A backup solution and contingency site will also be considered in the future.

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