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Teradata Master Data Manager Helps Teradata Customers Deliver Data-Driven Marketing and Business Analytics Across the Enterprise

October 22, 2013 | DALLAS, Texas – PARTNERS User Group Conference

Multi-Domain, Cloud-Ready Solution Provides Enterprise-Level Master Data Governance Framework; Single Version of Enterprise Master Data Benefits Marketing and Business Executives Alike

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global analytic data platforms, applications and services leader, today introduced a new release of Teradata Master Data Manager, an enterprise-level solution that unifies all the data about a company’s core business entities – customers, suppliers, distributors, products and locations, for example – to provide business analysts and marketing decision-makers alike a single view of that “master” data so they can better leverage analytic data solutions and integrated marketing applications to foster stronger business relationships and deliver richer customer experiences.

Optimized for the Teradata Database, Master Data Manager creates a central repository to support and manage core (customers, products, vendors, locations) data domains across divisions, regions, geographies and the enterprise as a whole. The application is available on premise or in the cloud and delivers a complete workflow-driven data governance framework, and a robust integration platform that fully leverages the power and scalability of Teradata.
For Teradata customers, who expect world-class performance, scalability and security, Teradata Master Data Manager is a far better option than stand-alone product sets because it permits leverage of an infrastructure that already supports many of the essential integrations and contains the core set of attributes, keys and relationships that need to be managed as master data. In addition, Teradata Master Data Manager takes advantage of Teradata’s industry leading database features, creating further synergies for Teradata customers.
“Today’s marketing operations executives and managers, as well as business analysts across departments, want a ‘single version of the data’ when it comes to understanding and analyzing their company's performance. Teradata Master Data Manager was the obvious choice for Meredith to move toward this goal and improve employee productivity, by providing a more unified view of customer data and scoring,” said Casey Showalter, director, Database Marketing with Meredith Corporation, a leading global publishing company.

Organizations typically have large volumes of customer data spread across many systems, and it is generally fragmented and often inconsistent. But business insight and value creation depend upon accurate and complete master and reference data. Companies seeking to provide better customer service and take advantage of timely opportunities for customer engagement, for example, stand to benefit from Teradata Master Data Manager because the application enables them to answer such question as:

  • Who are our top customers in terms of revenue, profit, shipments across all services, products, geographies, and business units / divisions?
  • What campaigns are proving most effective in reaching my customer base?
  • How can I improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing campaigns?
  • Do top customers pay invoices consistently across divisions or business units?
  • Are discounts being applied consistently and accurately to the customer?
  • Which customers have experienced two or more service failures during the past month?


“Without a single view of their customers, organizations are in the dark about what’s really happening in those relationships, and cannot optimally communicate with their customers nor deliver the best experience to them,” said Robert Rich, global program director for Teradata Master Data Manager. “Teradata Master Data Manager offers the complete set of features, design and integration components required to master customer data and other core business domains at the heart of the business.”

Among the many noteworthy features and capabilities of the new version of Teradata Master Data Manager are:

  • Creates and manages a central repository of master data. 
  • Enables real-time integration and synchronization of a single view of master data. 
  • Generates a single view of customers, products, locations and relationships and supports the global identification and linking of “master” business entities and the relationships between them across the enterprise. 
  • Governs and consistently organizes business data by providing ongoing master data stewardship and governance capabilities through monitoring, corrective action, workflow and reporting. 
  • Delivers a single accurate view of master reference data to analytics and business processes.
  • Provides the ability to analyze warehouse data based on cleaner, high quality information.
  • Includes customizable data models, user interface and connectivity to accommodate changing requirements.
  • Supports easier integration of third-party cleansing and matching tools, such as Trillium
  • Enables customers to take advantage of a newly established data quality partnership with Loqate, which specializes in address and location standardization and geocoding. 

 Industry Perspectives
“Enterprise-level governance that spans both data and process is increasingly a key requirement put forth by IT executive management,” said Aaron Zornes, chief research officer for the MDM Institute. “Master data governance solutions that unify these two worlds to overcome both organizational and technical issues are key to long-term success. Teradata Master Data Manager supports this approach, and we recommend that all existing and new Teradata customers take a serious look at Teradata Master Data Manager for their data governance needs.”
Teradata MDM 3.3 is available now, worldwide. For more information about Teradata Master Data Manager or to be contacted by a Teradata representative, please visit
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