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Teradata Helps Taiwan Cathay United Bank Win Award for Best Data and Analysis Project

April 25, 2013 | BEIJING and SAN DIEGO, Calif.

Enterprise Data Management Infrastructure (EDIM) of Taiwan Cathay United Bank implemented by Teradata won the "Best Data and Analysis Project" at the 2013 IT Implementation Awards presented by Asian Banker Magazine.

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, today announced that Enterprise Data Management Infrastructure (EDIM) of Taiwan Cathay United Bank implemented by Teradata won the "Best Data and Analysis Project" at the 2013 IT Implementation Awards presented by Asian Banker Magazine. The award is a significant recognition of Teradata’s leadership and best practices of data analysis in the financial industry.

In 2001, Taiwan Cathay United Bank began deployment of its enterprise data warehouse system.  Based on the data warehouse, the bank built a single view for risk management and applied data mining for customer behavior analysis. From 2010 to 2012, Teradata re-designed the bank’s customer relationship management (CRM) system and built enterprise data management infrastructure leveraging the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse. In addition to providing powerful, scalable hardware platforms, Teradata helped Cathay United Bank build a master data management system and data governance standards, which will enhance its industry competitiveness.
"We are very pleased to win the Best Data and Analysis Project award from Asian Banker Magazine along with Teradata. Teradata helped us successfully deploy the enterprise data warehouse, enhancing our enterprise risk management capacity, while turning data into insights allowing us to take action. With the support of this system, we can better understand customer’s need and provide them with the right services at the right time.  Hence, it will help us realize our corporate mission 'create value and enrich life,'" said a Cathay United Bank spokesperson.
"Taiwan Cathay United Bank is a leading data-driven enterprise, and is well aware of the advantages of data warehouse and data analytics, and we are pleased that the bank deployed the Teradata enterprise technologies. Cathay United Bank will be able to further improve data governance and build its data analysis capabilities to enhance business insights," added Aaron Hsin, president of Greater China Area, Teradata Corporation.
With the implementation of the project, Teradata assisted Cathay United Bank to enhance its competitiveness and create sustainable profitability. This was achieved by integrating the enterprise data warehouse and master data management system to establish an advanced disaster recovery system, data encryption, and data management capabilities.
The Asian Banker IT Implementation Awards recognize bank technology applications in the Asia-Pacific region. The program is committed to selection of the best data technology applications and most innovative banks. Over a 4-month selection process, the applications were reviewed by hundreds of experts, including senior practitioners from around the world.

Cathay United Bank

Cathay United Bank is a wholly-owned commercial bank held by Cathay Financial Holdings, the largest financial holding group in Taiwan. It has 163 branches in Taiwan, six off-island branches, and four offices, with more than 6,000 employees, and capital of NT$ 523 billion.

The Asian Banker

Asian Banker’s serves the financial services industry and is the most authoritative provider of strategic business intelligence in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with a focus on publications, research, consulting, training, and forums. Company website:
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