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Teradata Helps Build Data Warehouse for Largest Local Bank in Southwest China

April 25, 2013 | BEIJING and SAN DIEGO, Calif.

Sichuan Rural Credit Union to adopt worldwide data analytics technology

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, announced today that Sichuan Rural Credit Union (SRCU), the largest local bank in China’s southwest region, has selected Teradata to build its integrated data warehouse. This project is the first for Teradata in this region’s financial sector, and it is a milestone that indicates the adoption of advanced data analytic technologies have begun to take hold.


SRCU offers financial services to more than 68 million people in rural areas of Sichuan province. SRCU has a critical reason for building analytics capacity, because it is committed to providing support to advance the economic development of rural regions and increasing the satisfaction of their loan customers. The credit union’s initiatives require a high-performance data warehouse and financial logical data model that can improve data processing capability, security of financial transactions, and data governance.
The focus of this project is to improve SRCU’s data analytics capability. After an in-depth evaluation, SRCU selected the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2690, Teradata Database 14.0, and the Teradata Financial Services Logical Data Model to help build a platform with high reliability, scalability, and security, and data analytics.
"Teradata’s expertise in data warehouse solutions is unrivaled. With the Teradata enterprise data warehouse, we can seamlessly integrate data from our existing 12 business systems, support data in five application systems, and create three new data applications. The new Teradata system will play multiple roles to support management and decision making, including serving as a hub for enterprise data integration, data service, analytic applications, and data governance. Teradata technology will lay a solid foundation for us to increase our competitiveness in China’s southwest region," said an official from Sichuan Rural Credit Union.
"This project was the first of Teradata’s presence in the financial sector of China’s South West region and it is milestone," said Aaron Hsin, president of Greater China Area, Teradata Corporation. "We have deep roots in China’s financial sector and are honored to leverage our experience, best practices, and leading technology and solutions to help Sichuan Rural Credit Union grow their business and bolster their management performance."

Sichuan Rural Credit Union

Sichuan Rural Credit Union was established on June 28, 2005 in Sichuan province. It provides management, supervision, coordination, and support for its branches across the province. It has 40,000 employees, 174 county-level branches, 6,147 business outlets that provide financial services to more than 68 million people in rural regions and support the economic development of Sichuan province.
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