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Teradata Data Center Architect Dr. David G. Wang Earns The Green Grid Key Contributor Award

October 4, 2013 | SAN DIEGO, California

Wang recognized for work to reduce energy consumption through improved efficiency within the Chinese data center industry

Dr. David G. Wang, a data center architect at Teradata (NYSE: TDC) the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, has been recognized by The Green Grid for his numerous contributions that have helped bring the resource efficiency organization to the Chinese data center industry. The Green Grid is a collaborative organization for resource efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems.

Dr. Wang was instrumental in The Green Grid expansion effort into China. He was the driving force in organizing the first The Green Grid China Forum, held in Beijing on September 5, where he was the host and speaker. As an advisor to The Green Grid board of directors on key issues unique to the Chinese market, Wang bridged language, culture and business practice gaps between the U.S. and China. Dr. Wang also represented The Green Grid as a keynote speaker and award presenter at CDC 2012 Beijing, China, where the subject of energy conservation as part of air quality improvement was a key topic.
“We proudly congratulate David for earning this prestigious award from The Green Grid and thank him for his instrumental efforts in bringing data center resource efficiency to the industry,” said Teradata Labs President Scott Gnau.
Teradata joined The Green Grid as a Contributor Member in 2007 as part of the company’s efforts in recycling and in reducing energy consumption within data centers through higher capacity, more energy-efficient data warehouses. In 2012, the company’s recycling improved by 68% over 2011 and reduced universal waste by nearly 35,000 pounds. Teradata’s 2012 five-year goal for reducing greenhouse gas emission intensity is 41 percent, based on facility energy usage and the number of Teradata platforms shipped per year.
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