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Teradata Announces APEX Award Winners at Summit 2013 APEX Experience Customer Conference

April 11, 2013 | NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana

Eight Outstanding Companies Honored for Innovation and Marketing Excellence

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in analytic data platforms, applications and services, today announced the winners of the 2013 APEX Excellence Awards, honoring customers and partners and recognizing innovative companies that best exemplify how Teradata Applications’ Data Driven Marketing solutions can be used to deliver measurable results.

The winning customers and partners received their awards during Summit 2013 APEX Experience, Teradata’s annual marketing customer conference held this week in New Orleans. The 12th annual customer event (#APEX13) was hosted by Teradata Applications, formerly Aprimo.
All nominations were judged by a panel of previous APEX award winners and the Teradata Applications Leadership team. This year’s APEX Award winners were selected from among more than 1,500 high-performing customer and partner companies around the globe that use Teradata’s market-leading Integrated Marketing Management solutions for data-driven marketing. Customers and partners honored, and their award categories, are:
  •  CVS Caremark – for Excellence in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) 
    • CVS Caremark is the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States. The company was looking to standardize end-to-end communications development and delivery process and centralized management of the communications execution within the Company’s Member Communications group. With Teradata’s MRM solution the company has improved consistency, reliability, and accountability in Member Communications – both across the organization and within the communications sent to Members. In less than a year after their first implementation, CVS Caremark has seen cost savings, reporting and process improvements, and enhanced data and analytics framework capabilities.

  •  Brocade -- for Excellence in Multi-channel Campaign Management (MCCM)
    • Brocade leads the industry in providing comprehensive network solutions that help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a virtualized world where applications and information reside anywhere. Using MCCM, Brocade has significantly improved its communications response and lead management processes using a single, integrated marketing database for both online and offline response history. Marketers now have easy access to quality contacts for demand generation initiatives and can improve campaign response rates with precision targeting. Sales teams also benefit from quicker leads distribution and improved lead quality. Such efficiencies are helping Brocade benefit from both the resulting cost savings and revenue growth.

  •  Touring Club Suisse (TCS)– for Excellence in Integrated Marketing Management (IMM)
    • Switzerland’s biggest mobility club with 1.6 million members, TCS implemented a global CRM project to enhance its online activities, manage end-to-end campaigns in a single tool, and move towards one-to-one interactive marketing. Using IMM solutions to enhance consistency and effectiveness of communication channels, TCS expects to save a significant portion of their print costs. In 2013, the company predicts going from a 10% to a 20% reduction of costs associated with creating landing pages and e-mail campaigns.

  •  QAD, Inc. – for Excellence in Digital Messaging (DM)
    • QAD, a leading provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturing companies, uses Teradata Applications’ digital communication capabilities to standardize customer communications globally, and provide customers more up-to-date and relevant information. Overall, QAD has reduced time to manage their entire customer engagements by 54%, dropped costs by approximately $11,000 per month, increased customer response rates by 16%, and, by allowing more timely and productive engagement, and generated approximately $3.2M in incremental revenue. 

  •  EMC Corporation – Innovator of the Year -- Steve Gilbert 
    • Steve Gilbert, director of digital marketing with EMC, a Teradata Applications customer, was named APEX “Innovator of the Year.” Gilbert was cited for his strong leadership skills and particular focus on optimizing people, functionality and execution in leading his team toward worldwide adoption of multiple Teradata’s solutions, and for always finding new ways to increase the value of integrated marketing. Over the past two years EMC expanded its marketing ecosystem through organizational alignment, Agile Marketing techniques, Inbound Marketing, and creation of a Social, Big Data-driven, and fiscally responsible environment for its marketing organization. Steve has led his team to innovate processes, configuration, training, and communication—and the result is a group of more than 400 active users globally blending marketing art and science. 

Among Teradata’s strategic business, technology and consulting partners, APEX Partner Awards were given in two categories: Impact and Innovation. The companies honored were:
  •  Accenture, Inc. -- 2013 APEX Impact Award 
    • Accenture was honored for its success in expanding the use of Teradata Applications in their broad marketing efforts as well as within existing customers. Accenture’s combination of adding new customers, encouraging adoption of additional Teradata Applications in existing customers, plus their on-going work making clients successful, are core reasons for the honor. 

  •  Capgemini – 2013 APEX Innovation Award
    • As a partner who has enhanced the implementation of marketing solutions built on Teradata Applications, Capgemini received a 2013 Apex Innovation Award for its efforts in Life Sciences Vertical designs, including configurations utilizing Teradata’s Marketing Operations solutions for specific customer deployments in the Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals) category.

  •  Brierley+Partners – 2013 APEX Innovation Award
    • As a company that has helped to reshape loyalty programs overall through initiatives that have revolutionized their clients use of technology and communication, Brierley+Partners received a 2013 Apex Innovation Award for its continuously successful combination of implementation and deployment of Loyalty Management and Real Time Interaction Management solutions. 

"The success of our customers and partners is the benchmark by which we measure ourselves, so seeing how these eight companies are successfully leveraging data-driven marketing strategies with Teradata’s IMM solutions is rewarding," said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Applications. "These companies, indeed all of our customers and partners, ingeniously apply our solutions with unique goals and objectives in mind. Yet one thing they have in common is they've each found valuable ways to use data, analytics and applications to elevate their marketing and deliver measurable results."
Teradata’s Summit 2013 APEX Experience, which took place this week at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, is Teradata’s annual customer conference for Teradata Applications (formerly Aprimo) users. This year's event, which some 500 people attended, put the spotlight on Data Driven Marketing and updated customers on new offerings like Teradata’s Interactive Customer Engagement, which powerfully integrates multiple solutions from Teradata to enable marketers to effectively manage big data across traditional and digital channels, improve their marketing processes and enhance their customers’ brand experience.
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