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Teradata Adds Predictive Analytics to its Campaign Management Portfolio

April 9, 2013 | NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana

Next-Generation Functionality Stands to Make Any Marketer a “Data Scientist”

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in analytic data platforms, applications and services, today announced plans to deliver embedded Predictive Analytics in upcoming releases of its Campaign Management portfolio, an Integrated Marketing Management solution from Teradata Applications.

Available later this year, the new Predictive Analytics functions will make it easy for marketers to apply forward-looking models to their data-driven marketing efforts, so they won’t have to rely solely on historical data models. With Teradata’s new Predictive Analytics capability, Marketers will now be able to:

  • Employ forward-looking “Flip the Switch” analytics to instantly go from reverse-modeling to forward-prediction of best campaign participants;
  • Use model scores as selection criteria for campaigns; and,
  • Select/manage which models are being used to score the customers for campaigns. 

The new Predictive Analytics functionality will be available by late 2013 for both the on-premise and Cloud versions of all current and prior releases of Teradata’s Relationship Manager, and be incorporated in the forthcoming major release of its Campaign Management solution, likewise due in late 2013, the company said.
According to the customer reference survey for the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI platforms in 2012, organizations predominantly use BI technologies that measure the past — such as reporting, ad hoc analysis, and dashboards — with a small percentage of organizations (13%) currently reporting extensive use of predictive analytics. Moreover, Gartner estimates that an even smaller percentage of organizations (under 3%) use prescriptive capabilities such as decision/mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization. This is changing as organizations recognize that delivering next-generation advanced analytics to an expanded set of users will realize significant value in terms of innovation, productivity and growth. (Source: Gartner, Inc., “Predicts 2013: Information Innovation,” Published: 14 December 2012 Analyst(s): Douglas Laney, Andreas Bitterer, Rita L. Sallam, Lisa Kart. G00246040 )
“For too long, Marketers have had to rely solely on historical modeling to determine the likely best candidates to target in their marketing campaigns”, said Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager, Campaign Management/IMM. “Forward-looking modeling was mainly available in the world of Ph.D’s and data scientists, and marketing users were limited in their ‘predictive’ ability. Now, by adding easy-to-use Predictive Analytics to our Integrated Marketing Management solutions, literally every Marketer can become a data scientist, every business a more data-driven enterprise.”

Proof of Concept Offered at Summit 2013 APEX Experience Customer Event

Teradata is showcasing this capability to customers this week at Summit 2013 APEX Experience, the company’s 12th annual marketing applications event being held in New Orleans, and is offering customers and prospects Proof of Concept engagements to gain hands-on understanding and learn more. To experience the value, power and ease-of-use of its new Predictive Analytics capability, customers can choose from three implementations templates to get started, with additional capabilities and datasets brought on-line during the roll-out:

  • SEGMENTATION: Real-time score selection in the Segmentation interface that Marketing users utilize to create campaigns and marketing initiatives;
  • MODELING: Real-time scoring for Model selection, including execution, scoring and selection of “Pick Best” customers for automatic campaign segmentation; and,
  • RESPONSE: Real-time Response Model selection/creation, including dataset population, scoring execution and automatic campaign segment creation.

“The whole point of big data analytics is to help people understand the hidden patterns and associations in their data. Nowhere is this more useful than in Marketing,” said Bill Franks, Teradata’s Chief Analytics Officer. “What we’re enabling customers to do from a marketing insight perspective, right from their desktop, is to embed predictive modeling right into their marketing workflow, as our Proof of Concept offer will show.”
To learn more or to discuss a Proof of Concept opportunity for your company, please send an email inquiry to: For additional information about Teradata please visit our websit
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