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Senshukai to Deploy Teradata Unified Data Architecture

July 9, 2013 | OSAKA, Japan

Japan’s top mail order business to include Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, Teradata Aster, Hadoop for new big data analytics environment

 Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data solutions company, with Teradata Japan, Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yukihiko Yoshikawa, President), announced today that one of Japan’s largest mail order companies, Senshukai (Headquarters: Osaka-shi, Osaka; Michio Tanabe, President and Representative Director; here referred to as Senshukai) has made an executive decision to implement the latest model in Teradata’s data warehousing appliance platforms; the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, and the big data discovery platform, Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance. These systems will be integrated in a Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ for the analysis of many types of complex data in one centralized analytic environment.

Senshukai plans to begin production deployment in September 2013 for the Data Warehouse Appliance (for Teradata Aster in December 2013) as its new analytical information system to manage, analyze and produce big data business insight. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA), when complete, will coordinate structured information with multi-structured data from multiple sources using the Teradata appliance, Teradata Aster, and Apache™ Hadoop®. Data will integrate many structured and conventional types such as customer data, product information, and operational data – with multi-structured data such as Web logs, texts, images and many other kinds of detailed interaction data.
Senshukai started using Teradata systems in 1995 and since that time about 2,000 employees (including its Group companies) have used Teradata solutions for customer management, catalogue publications, and complex product management. However, the data volume has increased rapidly over time and the volumes of data content to be analyzed have become larger and more complicated. The information management team realized they required more scalable performance and more updated processing capacity. Moreover, the company’s advanced analytics specialists indicated the need for a more powerful system to consolidate a variety of data types generated across multiple channels such as catalogue shopping, Internet shopping, and call centers – to leverage new analytical methods for generating deeper and broader insight. Analytics professionals at Senshukai are committed to using the very latest data integration tools to better understand customer activities in greater detail and across many channels. In response to the demands of a growing business, increasing data volumes, and need for broader business insight, Senshukai made the decision to dramatically upgrade, improve and increase the performance and disk capacity and also build a new analytical environment that processes multi-structured data.
Executives made the decision to re-invest in Teradata again for the strategic renewal of their information resources because they highly rated Teradata’s scalability to meet their increasing data volume and complex requirements. They established a plan to build a Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ in the future, and to continue to rely on Teradata Japan’s support for big data utilization based on sophisticated and relevant business and technical knowledge.
With their new system, Senshukai will use Teradata Aster to analyze online interactions, Web logs, mail order responses, customer browsing and transactions on their Internet shopping site. The results will be routed to the Teradata Data Warehouse to integrate with continuously-refreshed customer information and purchase histories in the data warehouse. For their customer activity forecast, they will shift from a historic demand-based forecast based on past purchases, to a high-precision forecast using fresh Web site browsing data records. The company will also manage the variety, customization, and timing of catalogs to send to customers to better meet individualized needs in deep detail, thereby further improving customer service and achieving cost reduction. In addition, they will use Aster SQL-MapReduce® (an innovative analytic framework included in Teradata Aster) which enables them to analyze various types of multi-structured data in the database via SQL.

Senshukai Co., Ltd.

Senshukai Group’s businesses are largely divided into the hanpukai business, the catalog business, and other businesses. For details please visit the company website.
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