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Europe’s Largest Retail Discount Chain Lidl Moves to Next Generation Teradata Data Warehouse

January 14, 2013 | DUSSELDORF, Germany

Lidl renews commitment with Teradata, implements most powerful Teradata data warehouse platforms

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, has announced today that Lidl, one of the world’s premiere retail store chains, will upgrade its existing enterprise data warehouse (EDW) with new Teradata technology including Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS) and Teradata Database 13.1. The enhanced analytics platform will allow Lidl to analyze huge amounts of data more efficiently and provide meaningful insights faster for thousands of business users. With these insights, the retailer can take the best business decisions possible to further increase growth, customer satisfaction and customer experience across all channels.

“Lidl has a clear roadmap to move forward with a more active approach to data warehousing”, said Hermann Wimmer, President, International, Teradata. ”As more business users are leveraging the Teradata platform for better and more timely insights into ever-changing demands of customers, the data warehouse is increasingly becoming a decisive success-factor for the company facing a highly competitive retail market.”
Lidl will extend its EDW by implementing several Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6680 platforms. This new generation of Teradata platforms provides enterprise class analytics, with unique options to manage storage performance optimized to meet a company’s needs. The Active EDW 6680 is delivered with solid state disks and conventional hard disk storage along with the TVS solution, which automatically tracks the usage of data, and then intelligently migrates it to the appropriate storage type. The platform offers up to a four times boost in throughput and unleashes performance for reporting, operations, and complex analytic applications. Also, by combining large memory and efficient caching, Teradata Active EDW 6680 provides in-memory performance without requiring a separate appliance.
In addition, Lidl significantly extends its Quality System by implementing several Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2650 platforms. The fourth generation of this Teradata platform delivers a performance which is more than three times higher than its predecessor on a cabinet-to-cabinet basis. It provides up to 59TB of uncompressed user data per cabinet and lets users configure systems from as little as 2TB of capacity up to 275TB of user data, which is scanned with more than 20GB per second per cabinet.
Using Teradata Viewpoint, database administrators at Lidl will be able to conveniently monitor usage and performance of the entire Teradata ecosystem. Teradata Professional Services will provide support for implementing all new solutions including Backup, Restore and Restore (BAR) from Teradata.


Lidl is one of the Top 10 German retailers and has 9000 branches in all parts of Germany. Having established subsidiaries across Europe, Lidl also has the largest network of discount retail shops. In addition, customers can also purchase a selection of the company’s merchandise online at The company is part of the Schwarz Group, the fifth largest retailer worldwide. In 2011, the Schwarz Group’s revenue totaled approximately 65 billion Euro. Visit for details.
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