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Empowering Data-Driven Marketing: Teradata Introduces “Interactive Customer Engagement”

April 9, 2013 | NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana

New Data-Driven Marketing Offering Helps Businesses Use Digital and Traditional Insights to Drive Cross-Channel Customer Conversations, Strengthen Loyalty and Increase Revenue

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the leader in analytic data platforms, applications and services, today introduced “Interactive Customer Engagement,” a new Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) offering that combines the power of multiple Teradata solutions to give marketers the ability to leverage and learn from digital and traditional data so they can engage customers and prospects with consistent, personalized messaging across multiple channels, strengthening the overall brand experience, building customer loyalty and driving revenue growth. Interactive Customer Engagement continues Teradata’s leadership in integrated marketing by bringing together big data analytics, data delivery, behavioral and contextual data and comprehensive predictive analytics, plus real-time messaging, to deliver enterprise customers the ability to disseminate relevant real-time messages across multiple channels.

Data-Driven Marketing
For years, marketers have focused on creating strong and recognizable brands by promoting products and services through various channels and creating campaigns to support and advertise their offerings. But customers in today’s data-driven economy want something different. They expect a positive, seamless, and personalized two-way experience no matter how -- or when -- they choose to engage. To deliver, marketers must harness their data – big data, small data, all data -- and use the wealth of insights available from digital and traditional channels to engage customers and prospects in highly personalized, intelligent, one-to-one messaging, regardless of channel.
“Customers don’t interact solely with your web site, a call center or in-store cashier. They engage with your whole business over time through all of these channels and more, both in-store and online, and they do it on their terms and time frame. Whatever way and whatever time they choose to engage with your brand, that is where marketers should meet them, to strengthen loyalty and build lasting customer relationships,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Applications (formerly Aprimo). “And with Teradata’s new Interactive Customer Engagement offering, now they can.”

 By adopting a data-driven approach – and this four-step scenario, marketers can fuel more engaging, individualized experiences and relationships:

1. Integrate & Understand: Gather and connect customer data from all available channels to develop a 360-degree customer view. 

2. Analyze & Discover: Fully understand multi-touch attribution, which assigns values to different touch points of the customer journey, to inform intelligent decision-making. 

3. Optimize & Act: Leverage insights to optimize spend and ensure customers are receiving the right offer via the right channel at the right time. Every time. 

4. Execute & Deliver: Understand the best channels to communicate and deliver personalized messages to the customer.

Teradata Introduces “Interactive Customer Engagement”2

 Teradata’s Interactive Customer Engagement solution creates more relevant customer experiences.
The Power of Teradata Solutions

Teradata’s Interactive Customer Engagement solution integrates all of the company’s most powerful technologies, including a Data Discovery platform (Teradata Aster), a Big Data Analytics Warehouse (Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse), a real-time decision engine (Real Time Interaction Manager), and the ability to deliver analytic intelligence downstream in event-driven communications (Campaign Manager and Digital Messaging Center). The result is a broad and highly scalable, integrated solution for extending enterprise customer insight into real-time message delivery across channels. Put another way: Big data scope + freshest data delivery + behavioral and contextual data + comprehensive predictive analytics + real-time messaging = Maximized business results.

With its thorough and detailed data-driven understanding of customer behaviors, Interactive Customer Engagement now empowers marketers to:

  • Combine online and offline data to reveal new insights; 
  • Deliver optimized, personalized, real-time offers based on historical and in-session contextual data and search results; 
  • Coordinate offers across online and offline channels in real-time; 
  • Leverage industry-leading campaign management and email delivery functionality to identify and communicate more relevant and personalized offers to the customer;
  • Gain a clearer view of both the customer’s path to purchase as well as his or her journey through various channels;
  • Have a better understanding of paid channels’ roles and effectiveness in converting browsers into buyers;
  • Deliver relevant, meaningful real-time offers across multiple channels by learning from previous interactions and aligning with company goals.

Recent industry research underscores that digital technologies and services stand to contribute to marketing success. In May 2012, Gartner, Inc. conducted a Web-based survey with 251 marketing executives who support marketing in U.S. and European companies, and were buyers or influenced the purchase of digital marketing applications technology and services. Gartner posed the question, "Which of your organization's 2012 marketing strategies are most important to its success?" to only the marketing executives. The top responses include:

  • strengthening the brand across all channels;
  • improving the customer experience; 
  • better using marketing technology and services; 
  • accelerating speed through real-time analytics and rapid response; and,
  • embrace social media.

Teradata Introduces Interactive Customer Engagement_graph

(source: Gartner, Inc., Recognize the Importance of Digital Marketing, Report #G00238768, published 22 August 2012, Analyst: Laura McClellan)
 Customer Case Study Vignette: Shop Direct Group

Shop Direct Group, the UK’s leading multi-brand online retailer and home to brands including, Littlewoods and isme, wanted better and more timely information about their customers, their sentiments and buying intentions, but couldn’t connect customer experience data across their call center, website or catalogue. Teradata enabled Shop Direct to capture customer interaction behavior in a new way, and share those behavioral insights across multiple channels to support highly relevant and personalized messages. “We wanted to understand the true intentions of our customers, and using Teradata to store cross-channel data and perform analytics, we saw a 20 percent increase in conversion rates for abandoned basket and browsers; 28 percent incremental uplift with each email sent; a 10 percent reduction in direct marketing costs; and a 50 percent decrease in printed catalogues,” the company said.

Teradata Interactive Customer Engagement availability is planned for late Q2 2013. To learn more about how Teradata’s new data-driven marketing offerings can improve your business, visit our Digital Marketing microsite.
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