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Demand for Data Driven Marketing Fuels Adoption of Integrated Marketing Management Solutions

April 9, 2013 | NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana

Teradata Executives Introduce New Customer Engagement and Predictive Analytics Offerings; Proclaim New Era of the “Enlightened Enterprise”

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in analytic data platforms, applications and services, today announced several new offerings live from their marketing customer conference – Summit 2013 APEX Experience. An annual event for Teradata customers, APEX is taking place this week in New Orleans from April 8-11. Among today’s announcements, Teradata executives proclaimed a new era of “The Enlightened Enterprise,” which is being shaped by growing demand for Data-Driven Marketing strategies. To meet this demand, Teradata today rolled out two new Integrated Marketing Management solutions (IMM) that will improve customer engagement and enable companies to better predict the success of campaigns based on hidden patterns in their data.

 Interactive Customer Engagement, Predictive Analytics Make Marketing “Data Driven”

Teradata’s new Interactive Customer Engagement offering, announced today (see separate news release), enables marketers to understand a customer’s path through various digital channels, and lets them leverage the real-time contextual information those channels reveal. Instant access to these insights, plus any historical data already in the enterprise data warehouse, promises the highest degree of personalization so marketers can present relevant and timely offers to match each customer’s need.

Teradata’s Interactive Customer Engagement solution integrates all of the company’s most powerful technologies, including a Data Discovery platform (Teradata Aster), a Big Data Analytics Warehouse (Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse), a real-time decision engine (Real Time Interaction Manager), and the ability to deliver analytic intelligence downstream in event-driven communications (Campaign Manager and Digital Messaging Center).
“Customers today have high expectations when they engage with a business, and they do so through multiple digital and traditional channels,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Applications. “Wherever the portal or place customers choose to engage with your brand, that is where marketers should meet them, to strengthen loyalty and build lasting customer relationships. With Teradata’s new Interactive Customer Engagement offering, they can.”
Teradata also today shared with customers its plans to deliver embedded Predictive Analytics in upcoming releases of its Campaign Management portfolio. Once available later this year, the new Predictive Analytics functions will make it easy for marketers to “flip the switch” as needed to apply forward-looking models to their data-driven marketing efforts, so they won’t have to rely solely on historical data models. (See separate news release issued today.)
 Integrated Marketing Helps Marketers Be Data Driven

In keynote addresses to more than 500 marketing executives representing Teradata customers from around the globe, McDonald, along with Teradata Applications Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Arthur, explained today’s marketing dilemma as a two-edged sword: While businesses today could reap increasing value from their data using sophisticated marketing applications and big data analytics capabilities, far too many don’t. At the same time, customers are demanding better, more personalized experiences from brands they engage, yet their loyalty is brief.

Data – meaning Big Data, small data, indeed all data -- is at the crux of the dilemma; how data is used strategically is the main difference between an “average” enterprise and “the enlightened enterprise.”
To put the business opportunity in richer context, Arthur gave customers attending the conference a “sneak peek” into forthcoming research being conducted by Teradata into how Data Driven Marketing is shaping the era of The Enlightened Enterprise. Based on preliminary survey data analyzed to date, Arthur cited one prevalent theme across the findings: Marketers are deeply motivated by the goal of giving customers an improved overall brand experience, and they believe data-driven marketing technologies are essential.
According to the survey, 78 percent of marketers feel the pressure to become more data driven, yet only 35 percent felt their marketing organization had a data-driven strategy.

“With our new offerings like Interactive Customer Engagement and Predictive Analytics, powerful solutions are available now. But marketers urgently need to modernize…we need to disrupt ourselves, because the customer experience is at stake,” Arthur emphasized.

Jenelle Kueter, Senior Manager, CRM, with International Speedway Corporation (ISC) said, “We are excited to learn about Teradata’s new IMM offerings for Interactive Customer Engagement and Predictive Analytics. We’re always looking to enrich our customer experience in new, more immediate ways and across multiple channels.”
The Teradata Global Survey on Data-Driven Marketing will be completed and made available soon. For more information about Teradata’s solutions for Data Driven Marketing, go to or visit the links below.
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