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Velcom Increases Its Revenue Growth

April 24, 2012 | DUBLIN, Ireland

With Teradata Revenue Assurance Solution 

Velcom, one of the biggest mobile operators in Belorussia, has successfully identified and prevented a number of lost revenue risks after implementing the Teradata Revenue Assurance Solution, said Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data  solutions company. The Teradata Revenue Assurance Solution provides critical insight into potential cases of telephony service revenue leakage. 

After one year of using the Revenue Assurance Solution, Velcom has reported that it has met its initial goals for reducing loss of revenue stemming from use of its mobile telephone services without payment. Velcom was able to identify and prevent a number of cases of potential revenue loss, sometimes referred to as leakage. The new Revenue Assurance Solution has also been used by Velcom in its implementation of equipment and software for Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications, the international standard for mobile telecommunications.
Using the Revenue Assurance Solution, Velcom was able to build a complete revenue assurance system that covered its demands for full verification of its main revenue streams. Velcom can extend the Teradata Revenue Assurance Solution to reconcile new revenue streams as the company expands its services.
The driving factors for choosing the Teradata solution were three-fold: the low-cost of implementation considering human resources, time, hardware and software; the high-level of flexibility during the implementation, and the capability for future utilization and modernization by the Velcom team, according to Project Manager Lada Matveeva from Velcom.
The core of the Revenue Assurance Solution currently used at Velcom is the call detail record (CDR) reconciliation system. Its purpose is to help to identify the discrepancies and possible areas of problems wherever CDRs are generated or processed, including network, collection mediation, rating, billing and wholesale settlements. The CDR reconciliation system makes it possible to compare call detail records from different points of the GSM network against the billing CDRs to ensure sure that all calls are completed, processed and accurately accounted.
"Velcom’s decision to continue its growth with Teradata underscores our solution’s business value and the positive relationships we have with our customers. Teradata innovations and best practices utilised by Velcom brought measurable effects in a very short time, and met its requirements with a maximum success," said Teradata President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hermann Wimmer.
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Velcom (VELCOM and PRIVET trade marks) started its business on April 16, 1999 and is the first operator of mobile communication of GSM standard in Belarus. Since November, 2007 the Company is a member of Telekom Austria Group that is one of the most successful telecommunication holdings in Europe. Thanks to technological leadership and broad coverage area Velcom company provides its subscribers with comfortable mobile communication conditions and is constantly expanding the list of innovative mobile services. According to the results for the year 2011 the Velcom subscriber base grew up to 4.62 million. This number is constantly growing. The 2G/2.75G network coverage covers more than 95.5% of Belarus, where resides more than 98.9% of the population (100% of urban residents). The 3G|3G+ coverage makes the territory inhabited by 99.5% of urban population and 82.9% of the total population of the Republic of Belarus. Experts recognize Velcom telecommunication quality to be a model for Belarus.
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