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Teradata Unity™ Portfolio Integrates, Orchestrates Multiple Teradata Platforms

October 22, 2012 | WASHINGTON, DC.

Business users have uninterrupted, transparent, and intelligent access to enterprise intelligence

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data solutions company, today announced the new Unity Loader as well as other enhancements to Teradata® Unity™, a complete portfolio of integrated products that enable users to orchestrate a multi-system Teradata environment. The new Unity™ Loader, along with advancements in Unity™ Director, Unity™ Data Mover, and Unity™ Ecosystem Manager, automates and simplifies access for users. Teradata Unity enables high system availability, workload optimization, disaster recovery across any multi-system Teradata environment.

“Teradata Unity helps us route business intelligence query workloads between two Teradata production systems to load balance and maximize utilization of both systems. Additionally, it will help load data into both production systems simultaneously, removing hours of data copy lag-time associated with other replication products," said Sudhakar Bommu, IT architect, Cisco Systems.

In response to the challenge of ever-changing diverse workloads, geographic and departmental requirements and high availability needs, many Teradata customers have deployed more than one member of the Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family. Teradata Unity provides unique technology that enables efficient and high value data synchronization across multiple platforms of a logical data warehouse.

“The market drivers implicit in the new information economy, beginning with Big Data, have made it clear that effective information management and analytics demand a solution architecture that consists of “best-fit” engineering by combining existing solutions, extending them or introducing new technology,” commented Mark Beyer, research vice president, Gartner. “The challenge is not getting the data, or even analyzing it. The challenge is assuring that IT professionals can manage the various combinations in a cost effective manner by avoiding constant training cycles while assuring the complexity is transparent to end-users. The final consideration is that existing best practices can be extended with new engineering, replacing components of older solutions, sometimes adding to them, without necessarily abandoning existing technology.”

“Teradata Unity compounds the business value of multiple Teradata platforms, and makes it even easier to energize the enterprise with easy-to-use, transparent, available systems,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata Unity has unique, patented SQL Multicast™ technology that makes data synchronization easier and more efficient than ever.”

To enable the effective management of multiple systems, Teradata Unity portfolio comprises the enhanced Unity Director, the new Unity Loader product, Unity Data Mover, and Unity Ecosystem Manager. Teradata Unity leverages a common framework using Teradata Viewpoint, a web-based suite of management tools, for a familiar, easy-to-use, integrated solution. Bringing these products together means greater integration and greater value to the customer.


  • Unity™ Loader – A new addition to the Unity portfolio, Unity Loader intelligently and automatically takes high-volume data loads and delivers them to the right Teradata system. It has powerful plug-and-play capability and can deliver and track data loads to any number of Teradata systems. Unity Loader will even store the data while a Teradata system is offline, and then deliver the data when the Teradata system is back online.

    Unity Loader is specifically designed to work with systems that do not have identical database structures and it understands the capabilities and limitations of each system and will route data loads accordingly. Unity Loader allows for the simple and seamless growth of a customer’s analytical ecosystem – easily allowing for high-volume data growth into the petabyte range or when additional systems are added to the analytic ecosystem. In addition, the user-friendly Viewpoint-based management portlets provide a consistent user experience.


  • Unity™ Director 14 - Unity Director intelligently and transparently routes business users’ queries based on new routing methods, which allow for uninterrupted access to data. The enhancements provide capability to better meet the business intelligence needs of thousands of users, across dozens of production systems. 

    To enhance security and enterprise fit, Unity Director now supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Kerberos - both are enterprise authentication protocols. In addition, Unity Director supports Teradata Temporal, which allows Teradata customers to create a full and consistent picture of an organization’s business at any point in time across all Teradata systems. The temporal capability empowers customers to capture and track changes as the organization evolves over time.


  • Unity™ Data Mover - Unity Data Mover is an automated utility designed specifically to copy data and objects such as tables and statistics from one Teradata system to another at high speed. The value of any analytical system rests heavily on having the right data in the system at the right time for business users to query. Data Mover understands the strengths and characteristics of Teradata load utilities. It uses an intelligent selection process that dynamically chooses the most efficient and appropriate loading method to accomplish data movement, with the smallest possible impact on the data warehouse’s mission of serving the organization. Because the data movement process is seamless and automatic, system administrators can focus their energy on what data to move, rather than on how to move it.


  • Unity™ Ecosystem Manager - Through Unity Ecosystem Manager, administrators have easy access to system status, process flow, data currency and overall health of the ecosystem. It intelligently and comprehensively monitors and controls all components of the analytic ecosystem, including Teradata systems, processes, tables, business intelligence servers, and third party extract, load and transformation tools. Unity Ecosystem Manager ensures that data is processed in a cohesive manner to deliver the highest-quality results.


Value of Integration
Organizations with multiple systems understand that integration and centralized management provides value. Teradata Unity is a portfolio of products that automate and simplifies uninterrupted access for users. A few examples include:

  • High-volume data loads from Unity Loader are automatically sequenced with data updates from Unity Director, always ensuring data integrity through ordered operations. 
  • Queries with dependencies on pending data changes are queued for accurate and consistent results. 
  • Data copied with Unity Data Mover from one Teradata system to another are automatically validated to ensure table consistency between systems. 
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