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Takashimaya Chooses Teradata to Accelerate Marketing and Merchandising

October 22, 2012 | TOKYO, Japan

Integrates, centralizes data on new platform with powerful new retail analytics

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data solutions company, has announced that Takashimaya Company Limited has completed deployment of a Teradata data warehousing environment to serve as the primary data analytics system for centrally housing and managing its product and customer information. Takashimaya is one of the world’s largest chains of department stores, and is the nucleus of the Takashimaya Group worldwide.

The retail chain’s management team made a decision in late 2011 to upgrade the company-wide information infrastructure and point-of-sale (POS) systems. Takashimaya consolidated five databases into one, integrated data and restructured its system to centrally manage enormous volumes of information on millions of customers and products.

The new, integrated system required powerful analytics functionality and extreme processing speed for the company’s complex, multi-channel retail business. To meet these requirements, Takashimaya selected and deployed Teradata’s Retail Template solution (RT). This is a collection of powerful analytics modules designed by Teradata Japan specifically for the region’s retail distribution business. As a result of deploying RT, the retailer did not need to develop its own new applications and programs – and so the new analytic environment was completed quickly and cost-effectively. Takashimaya’s IT management acknowledged the positive impact of Teradata’s expertise in the implementation of all aspects of technology and the business: hardware, software and services.
All five of the RT modules were successfully deployed at Takashimaya as scheduled. Currently, about 5,000 employees including general managers, sales managers, CRM staff, customer-facing staff covering stores across Japan, and the sales planning staff and buyers at headquarters are using Teradata for merchandising, marketing and insight-driven customer engagement.
Teradata brings many business benefits: one is real-time coordination of point-of-sale data in the data warehouse. For example, employee users can easily access and receive a status of store visits by each customer on any specific day of the visit – so that they can provide quick follow-up on customer activities. Users also get daily sales updates.
By consolidating and integrating five previous databases into one Teradata Data Warehouse, Takashimaya has reduced its data technology costs while enabling much more efficiency in business operations; the result of reductions in query time and simplified, balanced workload management.
Further business benefits include extending business transaction data retention and usefulness from three years to 10 years, so users can access and analyze much more data and product information for richer insight into evolving customer relationships.
In addition, the Teradata system supports new transaction types, higher data volume, and many more users. Teradata Active System Management (TASM), a Teradata utility feature, prioritizes the processing based on users and tasks, further driving efficiencies, better economics and improved system availability.
Teradata Retail Template is an analytics solution for the distribution business developed by Teradata Japan on the basis of its accumulated experience and expertise working with many Japanese retail customers. It is designed to accelerate deployment and ease-of-use for retailers who need real-time, daily information updates across merchandising, marketing, and store financial management. The RT modules address retail-specific needs that are not possible with general BI tools – such as retracing past transaction data even when codes are changed or organizations evolve.


Takashimaya’s origins date back to Japan in 1831, when the first shop to sell kimonos opened in Kyoto. Today, Takashimaya Co. Ltd. (Takashimaya Japan) is one of the world’s largest chains of department stores, operating 18 modern department stores in Japan. It is the nucleus of the Takashimaya Group of companies worldwide. For more information please click here.
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