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New Oracle GoldenGate Integration Delivers Real-Time Information to Teradata Analytic Platform from Diverse Databases

October 23, 2012 | WASHINGTON, DC

Consolidating voluminous transactional data onto a Teradata platform speeds delivery of analytic results

Increasing numbers of companies are using multiple and high-volume data sources to tap the power of Teradata® (NYSE: TDC) for real-time analytic data decision-making through the combination of Oracle GoldenGate real-time data-integration and replication software with the Teradata analytic platform family.

Teradata customers use the advanced log-based change data capture, transformation and delivery capabilities of Oracle GoldenGate software to eliminate problems associated with accessing and loading data from constantly changing data sources, with little impact to business-critical operational systems.

"The real-time nature of today’s business environment demands that operational analytic data users know what is going on in the business from one minute to the next," said Stephen Brobst, Teradata chief technology officer.  "Years of joint integration efforts allow Teradata to leverage Oracle GoldenGate’s Change Data Capture and other functionalities to deliver high-performance continuous delivery of data from heterogeneous source systems into Teradata on a streaming near real-time basis."
Businesses driven by decisions based on detailed information about customer transactions and their own operations require that data be accessed, verified and analyzed at the transaction level, often in real time. This demand for real-time, transaction level data has been made more complex by the exponential growth in data volume and an IT environment that is typically a poorly connected mosaic of diverse databases, data marts and legacy systems.
Companies using real-time data for daily operations have seen significant improvements in their business intelligence efficiency and quality when using data loaded and integrated from multiple sources into a Teradata integrated data warehouse.
"According to TDWI’s Next Generation Data Integration survey, half of data integration specialists are today using some form of replication," said Phillip Russom, research director at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). "That’s because replication and technologies built atop it – such as data synchronization and changed data capture – are straightforward to implement yet highly effective at delivering real-time and near-time data for fast-paced business practices, such as operational business intelligence and on-demand management dashboards. At TDWI, we expect to see even more replication in use in data warehousing, because the movement toward real-time reporting and analytics is the strongest and most influential trend in business intelligence today."
Integrating the Teradata analytic platform and Oracle GoldenGate software gives companies a cost effective, reliable and low-impact way to deliver operational intelligence within the enterprise. For nearly a decade, dozens of joint customers, including Enterprise Holdings and Xcel Energy, have taken advantage of the alliance’s optimization and integration in order to deploy best-of-breed data integration to support their business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.
Teradata is a Gold level member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.
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