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In Annual Roadshow, Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst Tells How to Do More with Big Data Analytics

May 29, 2012 | DAYTON, Ohio

During the 2012 Teradata CTO Roadshow Brobst will explain Teradata’s further enhancement of its industry-leading Mixed Workload Management capability and plans to improve performance of complex analytical workloads

In their fourth annual EMEA CTO Roadshow, starting May 30 in Vienna, Stephen Brobst, chief technology officer of Teradata (NYSE: TDC) and member of Barack Obama’s President’s Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee, and Martin Willcox, director of platform and solution marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, will discuss the latest technological and business trends affecting data warehousing and Business Intelligence.


The practitioner event will address important technology developments in big data analytics and data warehousing, and, in particular, how Teradata enables even the most complex organizations to support tactical, time-sensitive and complex analytic queries from a single copy of their data. By managing all company data within a single database, companies dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership through the elimination of maintenance and administration costs, and increase their organizational agility in responding to new demands for analysis.

“Just collecting and storing ‘big data’ doesn’t drive a cent of value to an organization’s bottom-line”, said Brobst. “We built the industry’s first massively parallel ‘shared nothing’ database computer to enable our customers to ask ‘any question, any time’ of their data, no matter how much data they have. That’s why we have invested in the advanced R&D to build out the industry’s leading cost-based optimizer - to deliver the best performance on ad hoc queries without the use of hints, optimizer directives, or pre-joined table structures.”

Brobst and Willcox will also address the importance of robust cost-based query optimization for query performance and throughput – so that organizations can maximize the value of their investments in analytic technology by answering more business questions, faster. They will also discuss Teradata’s technology strategy, including how the data analytic technology company’s innovations in big data analytics mean organizations can easily and simply exploit the power of the MapReduce programming model to perform sophisticated analytics on complex, multi-structured data.

“Some vendors have ‘size envy’ and focus only on how much data is stored in the largest databases deployed on their technology, but as the industry leader with over 25 members of our Petabyte club, we have always understood that it’s not the size of the database that matters, but rather the level of sophistication that it can support and the business value that it delivers,” said Willcox. “For over ten years, Teradata customers have been able to support multiple, application-specific service level goals from a single Teradata platform. Our new and enhanced Mixed Workload Management capability now makes it even easier for our customers to manage the competing demands for analytical insight from different business units, departments and analytical applications.”

Brobst will discuss how data scientists can support enterprise thought-leaders in constructing experiments that lead to new insights – and profits. He will share best practices for getting the full value out of new analytic capabilities for previously untapped data such as from sensors and website activity. Willcox will explain how the Teradata Database Query Log can help database administrators analyze query performance and better understand and model user behavior, so that they can optimize mixed-workload management rules and settings.

This year’s CTO Roadshow follows the success of the 2012 Teradata Universe Dublin Conference with a record-setting attendance of more than 1,000 data warehouse and analytic data experts. Between May 30 and June 27, the CTO Roadshow will visit Vienna; Warsaw, Poland; Stockholm; Ain el Sokhna, Egypt; Madrid; Antwerp, Belgium; Paris, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Israel; Prague; Frankfurt, Germany; Rome; Zurich and London. Additional information and event dates are on or contact

As in past years, highlights and important topics of the tour will be covered by Martin Willcox in his roadshow blog on You can also follow the tour on Twitter (hashtag: #tdcto).
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