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E-Business Marketers Get ‘Wow’ Results from Teradata

August 22, 2012 | SAN DIEGO

LinkedIn analytics director will share powerful insights on Tuesday webcast





Big Data analytics powerhouse Teradata is providing business value to organizations in the rising digital media and e-commerce space, adding to its solid base of major online retailers, specialty services, entertainment and auction sites. Online companies like and Groupon have just signed up, and 30 of the biggest online names are already Teradata customers; Electronic Arts, Gilt Groupe,, Netflix,, and more. Simon Zhang, Director of Business Analytics at LinkedIn, will share insights from data-driven campaigns in a webinar Tuesday, August 28, open to the public by registering here. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet, currently with more than 175 million members.

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) the analytic data solutions company, is making strong gains in a space where digital marketers are realizing more value by drilling deeper and faster into infinitely complex and detailed data. Cutting-edge online multichannel marketers are finding that for advanced digital marketing optimization, they’ll benefit from the customer reach, results, and returns driven by solutions from Teradata Aster and Aprimo. is helping customers and getting results. The world-leading Web hosting provider is using a Teradata model to predict the probability for customer responses tied to email marketing campaigns. "The Teradata data helps us cater to a customer's response rate by giving the customer the information they want and need," said Auguste Goldman, Chief Infrastructure Officer at "Go Daddy manages massive amounts of data for more than 10 million customers ... people who depend on us as their personal IT consultants. With Teradata's expertise in customer segmentation, Go Daddy can enable customer data to enhance communications, providing each customer with the right information at the right time. This is another way we can help our customers grow their businesses online."

Teradata software and hardware solutions help online leaders easily track and report every interaction, regardless of channel, in time series, over the customer’s lifetime – and then analyze patterns across thousands or millions of customers to:

  • Create more accurate predictive models & encourage web site experimentation
  • Run complex, activity-based costing to save enormous dollars on the eMarketing media mix
  • Execute in “right time” to intercept and treat root causes of site issues
  • Create truly personalized web experiences & real-time offers across conversion points
  • Discover what really influences online buying behavior
  • Develop more effective online loyalty programs
  • Give executive management much deeper customer/market insight

“Teradata is the new nimble data insight provider in the space for both digital marketing and e-commerce over the past 18 months: we’ve added Aster for big data analytic insight and Aprimo for integrated marketing management,” said David Grant, Teradata communications and ecommerce industry vice president. “Specifically, our partnership with Hortonworks is about agility and providing analysts with seamless access to data in Hadoop. In addition, our low-cost entry options make us affordable by anyone, and our support of online companies like and show that we aren’t only focused on huge companies—we really do support the midsized fast-moving Digital Media & E-Commerce space.”

For example, with Teradata, a well-known online retailer has rapidly evolved its marketing; email campaigns are planned and launched faster with solid returns:

  • Gained 100 percent increase in email marketing revenue in 18 months
  • Jumped from three customer segments to hundreds of customer segments
  • Average order size expanded by 5.9 percent
  • Realized responses of 4X to 8X above campaign baselines
  • Average market basket increases of 100 percent 
  • “Problem” products visible sooner with auto return triggers
  • TV ad effectiveness now analyzed instantly, acted upon in near real time
  • Multiple offer sets tested simultaneously

Grant said that Teradata understands web marketer pain points and is positioned to best deliver accelerated, integrated data solutions. He said that marketers are instinctive researchers and quick learners who continuously seek answers to questions like:

  • “Which of my social media customers are most likely to influence others to buy?”
  • “What channel interactions will really drive this customer to purchase so I can eliminate my non-productive digital media spend?”
  • “What site experience enhancements I should make next?”

To illustrate, the world's leading online auction marketplace is using a Teradata Data Warehouse to manage more than 150 million paid keywords, including variations, languages, rank, placement, and geography. They associate keywords with the most traffic and conversions to quickly optimize their search media spend at a deeply detailed level, and the results drive millions of users and dollars. Similarly, they run thousands of tactical A/B tests which compare a control sample to other samples in order to discover how to improve responses and conversion rates, constantly optimizing the ‘pathing’ through their web site and gaining data to further fine-tune their customers’ web experiences.

“Online market data moves by the terabyte per hour across mixed, multiple channels, and the pressure on web marketers is enormous,” Grant said. “The good news is that Teradata captures, analyzes and transforms detailed data at the subsecond speeds needed for quick decision-making insight.”
Teradata’s multistructured data expertise is a factor in its appeal to digital marketers. Rob Brosnan, senior analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., commented that “Through the acquisition of Aster Data, Teradata moved to beef up its presence in analytics for large-scale data sets, such as log files, clickstream, and sensor data. eCircle’s platform is built on a similar (Hadoop-based) platform, allowing marketers to co-mingle and analyze customer records, campaign data, online behavioral interactions, and more.” 1Moreover, Teradata has made digital marketing optimization a priority – a new weapon for cutting-edge online firms2.
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  • 1Teradata's eCircle Acquisition: Portfolio Or Platform Play? Forrester Research, Inc. By Rob Brosnan, May 2, 2012
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