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Custom Golf Club Leader PING Swings from Teradata Sweet Spot for Analytic Insight

April 5, 2012 | 2012 Master’s Tournament, AUGUSTA, GA.

Analytic intelligence gives manufacturer of high-quality equipment the ability to provide 48-hour turnaround on custom golf club orders

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) announced today that PING, the leading American manufacturer of custom, high-quality golf equipment, continues to benefit from its use of the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW). The IDW serves as the intelligence hub for analytic insight and decision support for hundreds of PING system users.

The Teradata system manages one million queries an hour while also optimizing pending orders and components. This, along with streamlined production and assembly operations, has enabled PING to reduce order fulfillment from six weeks to just 48 hours. The company has also developed a database with 20 years of customer data, serial numbers and club specifications.

PING’s speedy delivery may be the most visible result of its pioneering use of a Teradata solution, yet its IDW also enables PING to:

  • Bring new products to market in nine months instead of two years 
  • Manage 12 million serial numbers and their related club specifications 
  • Scan inventory to aggregate available heads into matching, customized sets based on projected swing weights

"There is no one else that does business quite the way we do in our industry, and we couldn't do it without Teradata," said Kent Crossland, PING's Information Services Director.
PING continues to experience double-digit growth at a time when the number of global golfers and number of rounds played is generally flat. Order streams are strong and steady.
“Our production requirements change constantly, like a card deck being reshuffled, and they are driven entirely by the demands of our customers. We value the visibility that the data warehouse provides, the ease and speed of getting information from the system, and the ability to quickly generate work orders for manufacturing,” said Crossland.
PING’s high-performance system can scan about 7 million rows in the order management database in less than a minute. The system helps PING determine the next order it should process to meet its 48-hour delivery promise. To streamline post-production logistics processes, the PING IS team extracts data from provider web sites and loads it into the warehouse to support transportation decision making.
“PING is clearly a legendary provider of innovative products in the highly competitive market for golf equipment, and we are excited to be the analytic innovator they have continued to rely on for the company’s business intelligence,” said Ephraim Flores, industry vice president, Teradata. “A wide range of manufacturers and retailers consider Teradata to be the ‘sweet spot’ for driving powerful analytic insights.”

Teradata is conducting an Executive Forum again this year at the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The forum provides opportunities for participants to compare thoughts and ideas with fellow executives from leading companies across many industries.

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PING is the leading American manufacturer of custom, high-quality golf equipment, as well as one of the largest of the remaining American manufacturers of golf clubs, based in Phoenix, Arizona, founded by Karsten Solheim. Today, the Phoenix-based company is under the direction of Solheim’s youngest son, John A. Solheim. PING game-improvement products can be found in more than 70 countries. For more information visit the PING web site: 
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