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Air Canada Will Again Extend its Business Insights with Teradata

February 22, 2012 | TORONTO

Canada’s largest airline continues to fly high with advanced analytics and business intelligence from Teradata

As the airline industry continues to face the headwinds of rising fuel prices, challenging competition and an uncertain economy, Air Canada is redoubling its use of integrated data warehousing as a means to compete effectively. Canada’s largest airline has purchased a new Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance that runs the powerful and agile Teradata Database and renewed its Teradata managed services agreement. With the new system in place, Air Canada will be able to decommission legacy independent data marts currently used to support revenue and operational management and migrate these applications to the Teradata integrated data platform.

The decision to make the upgrade and move towards a more fully integrated data environment was based on Air Canada’s experience with its current Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and with Teradata Professional Services in the day-to-day management of the integrated data warehouse.
“The combination of the performance and stability of the platform and the quality of Teradata’s professional services, gave us the confidence that Teradata is our best choice to continue our data mart consolidation and migrate more of our strategic data over to the new Data Warehouse Appliance,” said Marc Constantineau, manager, Data Management Center, Air Canada.
The new platform is a continuation of the airline’s strategic approach to move from independent data marts to an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Information quality, speed of delivery and reduced costs were essential to Air Canada’s decision, said Constantineau. As the company evolves its analytics platform to an EDW, it will add more data sources to its existing revenue and yield management data, such as incorporating ticket data and operational flight information. Air Canada is leverag¬ing the Teradata Travel Industry Logical Data Model as a framework to guide the integration of information, thus reducing development time and costs.
“Air Canada has an exciting vision for its business, and that in turn fuels its dependence on expanded analytics. What started as an initiative for a single business department user has grown to encompass multiple business functions now and represents a strategic collaboration with IT. Teradata has proven that the business can have improved analytics, while IT has reduced costs, and both can have confidence in scalability of their data warehouse to add more data and new applications in the years ahead,” said Industry Marketing and Solutions leader for the travel industry at Teradata, Peeter Kivestu.
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