SAS and Teradata Advanced Analytics Advantage Program for Hadoop

Organizations are faced with the unique big data challenges collecting more data than ever before, both structured and unstructured data. There has never been a greater need for proactive and agile strategies to overcome these struggles in a volatile and competitive economy. SAS and Teradata along with Hadoop are revolutionizing your business by providing enterprise analytics in a harmonious data management platform to deliver strategic insights. We are delivering innovation to break through your big data challenges and quickly uncover hidden opportunities.

Features & Benefits


  • Only offering in the market place that is an end-to-end solution to gather, analyze and manage the data from an integrated data warehouse and to deliver business insights to gain competitive advantage
  • Leverages SAS analytics– processes the data more efficiently and effectively by eliminating the data movement with SAS High-Performance Analytics
  • Incorporate Hortonworks Hadoop – staging area in your data architecture to refine data for feeding downstream analytical systems
  • Full range of professional services offerings – proven methodology and comprehensive set of services delivered by experienced services professionals from both companies
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence - a dedicated SAS and Teradata Center of Excellence (CoE) is available to the customer with business and technical challenges

Business Benefits:

  • Integrating the best of breeds in the industry to address big data challenges: SAS for analytics, Hadoop for data staging and Teradata for data warehousing
  • Reduced risk and cost with established and proven services delivered in a single offer
  • Fewer silo systems to manage resulting in a lower cost of ownership

IT Benefits:

  • Provide a single, end-to-end platform for optimal data management, exploration and analytics
  • Lower cost of ownership from integrated solution and lower ongoing management costs
  • Scalable solution, ready for growth when needed

Next Steps

Teradata and SAS Address the Challenges of Advanced Business Analytics

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